திருவருள் செல்வர்கள் = DivineGrace Staretsy
திருவருள் = Divine Grace
செல்வர் = Starets

செல்வர்கள் = Staretsy (Plural)
"staretsy" is a plural form of "starets":
Starets =
spiritual leader whose wisdom stems from God (as obtained
from ascetic experience).

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திருவருள் செல்வர்கள்! - 15 - ஸ்ரீவிஜயீந்திரர் (தொடர்ச்சி)
Divine Grace Staretsy - 15 - Srīvijayīnthirar (Continued)
Author: Wordsmith with Golden Tongue: P.N.Parasuraman
M. Aravindh
There is a prevailing notion: The peaceniks are idiots. The demonstrators are intelligent. What to do? Respect is earned by yelling, shouting, proclamation and advertisement. Leaving it aside, apart from rendering help to others, “What did I do? God helped them through me. It is their luck, I served them as the instrument of God. What do I have?” If such a person steps aside with peace in his heart, the world of demonstrators looks at that Jñāṉi with contempt. 1

The strategy of the Mantra-meister in inviting Swamy is of that nature (contempt). 2
A huge round mark of sandalwood paste on the forehead, an overlay of blood-red kumkum application covering three-quarters of it, red flower garland around the neck, the waist wrapped with a red silk cloth, and red piercing eyes: This appearance of the Mantravāthi made people shake and shiver. 3
Soon, Srīswāmigaḷ arrived at the scene: Shiny ochre clothes; a hand-held staff; earrings; Gopi Sandalwood paste Vaishnava mark on the forehead; Rudrākṣa beads garland around the neck and lotus-seed garland. He had a noble bearing, modesty, and humility. The people stood up, opposed their palms in homage, received his blessings, and sat down upon his orders after Srīswāmigaḷ sat down. 4
The Mantravāthi got up with a grand flourish. Looking at Srīswāmigaḷ, he cautioned him, “Swāmigaḷ! No competitor of mine went home alive. There is no connection between the recluse and my Viddhai. Do not lose your life. Nothing has yet transpired. Give me in writing that I won and get out of here to live again.” 5
His appearance, voice, flourish, and gamesmanship impressed the audience. As the showers come after the thunderbolts, Swāmigaḷ spoke with compassion. 6
“No one needs to fear! You will see my Swamy Srīmūlarāmar protect and safeguard me before your eyes. To establish the greatness of Srīmūlarāmar, I accepted this challenge.” He turned to the Mantravāthi and announced that the competition can begin. 7

Mantravāthi loudly enunciated his Mantras, placed seven rings on the floor with a lemon at the center. He sprinkled kumkum on and under the lemon. Everyone in the audience was looking at him with great fear. 8
Mantravāthi: Swāmigaḷ! Enter these rings and take the lemon. I am warning you now. As soon as you enter the first ring, you will experience a fiery downpour. You will be ash. If you are alive after that and enter the second ring, black snakes will assault you. If you escape it, spears will angrily attack you. After you traverse each circular ring and pick the lemon, your story will end.” Such was his loud proclamation of the end of Swamy’s life. 9
Those who were familiar with the Mantravāthi were on tenterhooks. Srīswāmigaḷ with calmness turned towards his disciples. Swāmigaḷ called one of his disciples Bhīmasēṉaṉ and sprinkled the water from the Kamaṇḍalam on him and told him, “Appā! There is no need for fear. Our Swamy is here I am here. No danger will befall you. You go get the lemon.” 10
The disciple paid homage to Gurunātha Swāmigaḷ, receiving his blessings. He entered the first ring. The next moment a fiery shower fell on the disciple. Swāmigaḷ saw it, and the fiery rain changed into a cool shower of Sandalwood paste cooling the disciple. The heart, mind, and soul of the disciple and the onlookers were cool. Mantravāthi’s face shrunk like a punctured balloon. The disciple entered the next ring. A tangle of innumerable black snakes came hissing at the disciple. Srīswāmigaḷ looked at the sky, a cloud of Garuda birds came down, plucked all the snakes and flew away into the blue sky. Not paying attention to all the happenings around him, the disciple entered the third ring with his thoughts and acts concentrated on the job on hand. As he stepped into the third ring, the spears came charging. 11
As SrīSwamigaḷ saw the spears, they changed into garlands and fell on his neck. What next? The disciple went beyond all the seven rings, picked up the lemon, ran towards Gurunāthar, placed the lemon at his feet and prostrated before the Swāmigaḷ. 12
Recognizing the greatness of the Swāmigaḷ, the Mantravāthi ran towards him, fell at his holy feet and sought forgiveness. Srīswāmigaḷ whispered in his ears some good advice, blessed him, gave him plenty of gifts and sent him on his way. 13
Srīvijayīnthirar excelled not only in education, inquiry, debate, arts, and spirituality but also in compassion. He saved Madhva Siddhāntam from eclipse. Srīvijayīnthirar was the foremost disciple of Srīviyāsarājar. Srīrāgavēnthira Swāmigaḷ belongs to his apostolic succession. 14
Srīsrīvijayīnthirar’s Brindavanam is on the Kumbakonam Solaiappa Mudali street. Let us get a Darśan of the Brindavanam and enjoy health and wealth from his Divine Grace. 15
Divine Grace will flourish.
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