By Periyava
Translation by V. Krishnaraj
அன்பு : தெய்வத்தின் குரல் (முதல் பகுதி)
Love: Deivathin Kural Part One

Love comes in three flavors: Love of Virtue; Love of Family & Friends; Love of profit. We love people for their character: spiritual people, Jñāṉis, philanthropists… The second love is towards our family, relatives and friends. The third love is mercantile for reasons of profit, salary…
These three kinds of love are ungenuine and impermanent. When the employer fires the employee, his love for the employer evaporates instantly. If the familiar people went abroad, died or otherwise lost touch with us, love fades over a period. The initial tears and grief disappear later. Must not in true love, the tears and grief remain forever? The love for the great man is not permanent. If the virtue in them diminishes, is tainted, or perceived as tainted, the love we had for him diminishes.
The three kinds of love have causal agents. Therefore, they are not permanent. Their virtue keeps us in love with them. We have a selfish motive they will be the savior of our souls.
True love should have no cause or pretense. Though a person is unfamiliar to us and has no spirituality or blessedness, true love is to have unchanging love for him always.
Do we have love of such nature towards anyone? Swamy (God) is the only one.
God’s love for us has no cause. If he had to look for a cause, he will not feed us even one meal. He tolerates us and our omissions and commissions, safeguards us, and is Love galore (Personification of Love). That is Paramēṣvara. That is love of Paramēṣvara. The three kinds of love in this world are the modification of Paramesvara’s love.
We should practice that causeless love of Parama Siva. Why should we hate someone identified as a wrong doer? When we do wrong, do we discard ourselves? That attitude we should extend to others. We should love the great people. “He does wrongs like me. His mind instigates him to do it. We should try to make his mind good.” That should be our thinking and attitude. Those with the spiritual power to heal must consider it a duty to expunge the sins of the sinner.
Once we in the outset extend causeless love to a person, that will make us Love galore (personification of Love), which will help to spread the love to all. We should practice extending our causeless and unpretentious love to the Guru. That causeless and equal love on continued practice considering everyone as Guru should be extended to all living beings. If we fill this world with love, that is joy. That is pure bliss. That is supreme peace.