By Periyava

Translation from Tamil By V. Krishnaraj




கல்வி முறையின் கோளாறு : தெய்வத்தின் குரல் (முதல் பகுதி)

EducationMethodologyConfusion: Deivathin Kural (Part One) 66

The first requirement of being a student is Vinayam (humility). In the olden days, the student was known by the moniker ‘Vinayaṉ.’ Where there is no modesty, there is no learning. The student must always be modest. There is no evidence the uneducated hill tribes with no civilization have criminal behavior. In the tribal areas there are no courts, magistrates…There is no crime. Where there is a plethora of schools, colleges, and universities, court cases, criminal cases, minor street crimes…are on the rise.

The purpose of education is to know God as Reality and the Ruler of the Universe. Most students at the present age have no devotion to God.

Is it not anomalous? Education’s purpose is virtue and modesty. Now, there is greater educational demand. Having no accommodation in High School, the classes are on two shifts. For all these conveniences, there is no evidence of modesty. Antithetical behavior is on the rise. The police and the military go to the schools often (for indiscipline among students).

The girls of our country are modest by nature. They should become more modest because of the education. The present education made them less modest. Why is education such a bad influence on them?

Let us elucidate the cause for this aberration.

How should students be taught? How should the disciples behave? How should the teachers behave? There are books on the subject at hand. One dictum is ‘Learn While Young.’ That is Brahmacharya Āśramam, the age period when the student is at study until his wedding. According to Sastras, a student should go to a Guru for his studies. The disciple goes begging for food and brings it to the Guru. Begging removes his egoism and he develops modesty. The Guru and the student had mutual love and respect for each other.

The Guru was virtuous in his conduct and earned the respect of the disciples who lived with the Guru. The disciples developed Bakthi (devotion) to the Guru.

Gurubakthi is totally missing among the students. The students now are aggressive to the teachers.

The study courses as before exist today. There are changes in the methods. The medicine is the same but if the dietary plan changes, the medicine itself becomes a poison.  Loss of Gurubakthi is the cause for the deterioration.

People do not weave clothes or eat hand-pounded rice. Gurukula education is difficult in this age. It is impossible to bring it back. If it comes back, it is good. It is a matter of pride for the few who wear handwoven clothes and eat hand-pounded rice. It is nearly impossible for those who would like to study in Gurukulam. I am not saying it confidently in the spirit of bringing back Gurukulam. I will be good, if it comes back. It does not appear as practicable or possible. I mention this because one day in the future Gurukula system of education will disappear entirely. We should make arrangements to some who like to study in Gurukulam.  We should continue the tradition. Gurubakthi developed in Gurukulam is the remedy for the confusion among students of today.