Veeraswamy Krishnaraj
Bosco, Ramduth and Biscuit went out in the car, while leaving Malini the cat in the care of a friend. Ramduth was sitting on the passenger seat with the seat belt on, while Biscuit was sitting on the back seat with her seat belt on. Bosco parked the car in the Mall’s parking lot. He did not wish to leave Ramduth, the monkey and Biscuit the dog in the car all alone. He transformed them into his human companions and entered the mall.
They went to the Food Court in the mall, and all ate people’s food. Biscuit with its acute sense of smell discovered that the woman at the next table suffered from uterine cancer. Biscuit gave the information to Bosco by whispering it into his ear. He thanked Biscuit for the information and told her that he would inform her about the health information in a time and place suitable for the Food Court customer. By his yogic power, he knew her name, address and other particulars about her.
Once Bosco went home, he sent her a confidential letter about her condition, persuading her to go to her doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Bosco knew that the Mall Food Court customer went to her doctor, got herself diagnosed and was treated. She did not know who the good Samaritan was. Bosco kept confidence and never divulged it to anyone.


As they returned to  his friend’s home, they found the cat was on a tall tree and did not want to come down. Bosco told Ramduth to go and fetch the cat from the tree. There was no problems. The cat had complete trust in Ramduth, the monkey. The monkey climbed on the tree quite adroitly, carried the cat and brought it safely to the ground. Corralling all three animals inside the car, Bosco drove home safely.