Veeraswamy Krishnaraj
Adventures of Bosco
Bosco bought a puppy, named it Biscuit and trained it to do Fetch and other tricks and tasks. Now he had a monkey named Ramduth and a puppy named Biscuit. The task on his hand was how to keep the monkey and the puppy amicable and make them part of the threesome team: Bosco-Ramduth-Biscuit.
The monkey and the dog got along swimmingly. They complemented and cooperated well with each other. The threesome was a perfect team. They travelled together in a car, which Bosco owned. The monkey learnt the art of housekeeping: washing and drying the dishes, apart from other chores.
One day they went shopping for food for all three. Since the shop owner did not allow animals inside the store, the monkey and the dog were waiting at the entrance to the shop on the street. The dog wagged its tail in a friendly manner and the monkey closed its eyes in a meditative stance. Bosco did not leave them in the car because of the summer heat and he could not keep an eye on them, as he did the shopping.
The pedestrians were annoying and tauting the animals and making them angry and upset. Bosco saw that from inside the shop. He wanted to stop the people annoying Ramduth and Biscuit. The dog transmuted into growling rhinoceros and lunged forward at no one. The people immediately stopped annoying the meditative monkey and the dog in the form of rhino. The dog appeared like a rhino only to the troublemakers, a yogic feat by Bosco. The friendly people saw only the dog. The miscreants among the people said, ‘’Did you see the rhino.’’ The good people said, ‘’I don’t see any rhino. You are imagining. You are crazy, man.’’ The troublemakers immediately left the premises thinking they must be imagining and seeing things. This transmutation of the dog into a rhino in the eyes of troublemakers was the yogic feat of Bosco to stop the troublemakers from annoying his team members: Ramduth and Biscuit. Ramduth and Biscuit were used to witnessing these transmutations that they were trained by Bosco not to react to them.  
Bosco, exiting the shop, restored unawares to anyone the dog back to its own true self. All three got into the car and were on the way to the Ram temple. Bosco could not take Ramduth and Biscuit into the temple. When he parked the car, a Ram devotee gave a banana to Ramduth, which ate the banana. Soon it morphed into Anjaneya/Hanuman, a Dharsan, only Ram Devotee could see. The Ram devotee fell flat and prostrated at the feet of Ramduth, who blessed him with his raised open right palm. This Dharsan episode was a creation of Bosco to reward Ram’s devotee. No one else saw the transfiguration of Ramduth into Hanuman. 
 Bosco, after having received Dharsan of Ram in the temple, got into the car and with his team drove home. On his way, he saw an abandoned kitten with no mother on site. Bosco got down from the car, picked up the kitten, went to each house in the neighborhood and asked the occupants whether the kitten belonged to them. All homeowners declared that the kitten did not belong to them. By his yogic ability, Bosco discovered that the mother cat delivered only one kitten and died of bleeding during birth.
He picked up the orphaned kitten and drove home.
He named the kitten Malini (Goddess Parvati). His next business was to introduce Malini to Ramduth and Biscuit formally and get them used to the kitten being part of the family.