Read the story of life in the farm and how they defeated and drove off a wolf.

Once upon a time, there was a cow, a chicken, and a fox who lived together in a small farm. The cow was big and strong, the chicken was small and clever, and the fox was sly and cunning.

One day, the fox decided that he wanted to eat the chicken. He snuck into the chicken coop and was about to pounce on the chicken when the cow heard him. The cow charged at the fox and chased him away.

The chicken was grateful to the cow for saving her life. She said, "Thank you for saving me, cow. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been there."

The cow said, "You're welcome, chicken. I'm glad I could help."

The fox was angry that the cow had ruined his plan to eat the chicken. He decided to get revenge.

The next day, the fox went to the cow and said, "I'm sorry for trying to eat the chicken. I was just hungry."

The cow was surprised. She said, "You're sorry? I didn't think foxes ever apologized."

The fox said, "I'm a changed fox. I'm not going to try to eat the chicken again."

The cow was skeptical, but she decided to give the fox a chance.

The fox and the cow became friends. They would often play together in the field. The chicken was happy that the cow and the fox were friends. She knew that they would always protect her.

One day, a wolf came to the farm. The wolf was big and scary. The cow, the chicken, and the fox were afraid.

The wolf said, "I'm going to eat all of you!"

The cow said, "We're not afraid of you!"

The chicken said, "We'll fight you!"

The fox said, "We'll never give up!"

The wolf laughed. He said, "You're no match for me!"

The wolf charged at the cow. The cow stood her ground and fought back. The chicken pecked at the wolf's eyes. The fox bit the wolf's tail.

The wolf was surprised by the cow, the chicken, and the fox's strength. He didn't expect them to fight back.

The wolf fought for a long time, but he was no match for the cow, the chicken, and the fox. Finally, the wolf gave up and ran away.

The cow, the chicken, and the fox were victorious. They had defeated the wolf and saved the farm.

The cow, the chicken, and the fox were best friends forever. They lived happily ever after.