Here is a story of a monkey hiring a man as the manager of the street circus.

Once upon a time, in a bustling city zoo, there lived a mischievous monkey named Jasper. Jasper was always up to something, and he spent most of his days playing pranks on the other animals and zookeepers. One day, Jasper's antics went too far, and he managed to escape from the zoo.

Jasper wandered the streets, not knowing where to go. He was scared and alone until he stumbled upon a cow, a calf, a dog, a cat, a mouse, and a kangaroo. They were all strays, and they welcomed Jasper with open arms. They were all performers who roamed the streets, entertaining people and collecting money.

Jasper saw how they worked together to entertain people and decided to join them. They all had different talents that they brought to the table, and together they were unstoppable. The monkey collected the money in coins and dollar bills, and they all shared in the spoils. They all had different food preferences, which made shopping for meals a challenge. So, Jasper asked a zookeeper to be their manager.

The zookeeper agreed to become their manager, and his salary was his food and clothes. The cow and the calf mooed their approval, the cat cried happily, the mouse squeaked with joy, and the kangaroo grunted and clicked its approval. They all loved the zookeeper, and he loved them back. With his guidance, they were able to focus on their performances and became even better.

The dog walked on the back of the cow and stood on its hind legs on the cow’s head. The cat stood on the dog’s head and the mouse on the head of the cat.

The cat and the mouse played the Cat and the Mouse game. There were ten empty cat food tin cans. The mouse hid in one of the cans, top down. Nine out ten times the cat knocked down right can and made the mouse scoot in haste. In another game, unknown to the cat, the mouse hid in the kangaroo’s marsupium (pouch) and the cat never knew its hiding place. That made all the people clap and laugh.

The dog and the kangaroo engaged in a mock fight amusing the children.

The dog and the cat played ‘Dog hates cat’ game. The dog chased the cat. The cat was faster, made swift turns and rode on the dog’s back to people’s thunderous applause.

The monkey and the roo played ‘Where is the banana?’ game against the manager. In that game, the monkey hid the banana in the marsupium of the kangaroo. The man always failed to locate the banana. That was the case of animals outwitting man.

The mouse and the cat played, ‘Where is the cheese?’ game. This time, the cheese was in the mouth of the manager. The cat and the mouse could not locate the cheese. The man opened the mouth to show the cheese.

One of their most popular acts was a pyramid. The man rode on the cow, the mouse on the cat, the cat on the dog, the dog on the monkey, the monkey on the kangaroo, and the kangaroo on the man. The lighter participant rode on the next heavier individual, and they all built a pyramid on top of the cow. The finale brought applause from the spectators, and the money poured in.

As they traveled from town to town, village to village, and mall to mall, they became more and more popular. They were a hit everywhere they went, and people started to recognize them wherever they went. Their fame even reached the ears of Max, the owner of a popular mall.

Max was impressed by their performances and wanted to own them all. He offered them an enormous sum of money, and they were all excited to hear that their retirement was guaranteed and funded. Max built a place for the performing animals within the mall premises and made sure that they were all happy and comfortable.

The zookeeper became their manager and treasurer, and they all lived happily ever after. They continued to perform at the mall, and people came from all over to see their amazing shows. Jasper knew that he had found his true family and was grateful for the day he escaped from the zoo. He had found a new home, and he had become a part of something special.