The adventures of Max in the City Zoo

Somewhere in New York City, there was a zoo that was known for its unique exhibits. Among all the animals, the shaggy reddish orangutan and the powerful gorilla were the showstoppers. Their antics never failed to draw a crowd, and people came from far and wide to watch them. The zookeepers took great care of these animals and kept them in separate enclosures, so they wouldn't fight with each other.

However, there was one thing that the orangutan and the gorilla hated more than anything else - the crows. These birds had free access to all parts of the zoo, and every time they flew over the enclosures, they would drop their droppings on the animals below. The orangutan and the gorilla knew when the crows were coming, and they would try to dodge the droppings, but it was impossible. The crows didn't care who they hit, and the orangutan and the gorilla were their favorite targets.

When the zookeeper came along to check on the animals, the orangutan and the gorilla would show him their dirty bodies, and he would hose them clean. It was a routine that happened every day, and the animals had become used to it.

Meanwhile, the free mice that lived in the zoo were having a great time. They scurried around, looking for grains and edible tidbits, and they visited the orangutan and the gorilla whenever they could. The orangutan didn't mind when the mice walked all over him because it felt good, but the gorilla was different. He would thump his chest, scaring the mice away.

The mice had a special place that they loved to visit - the giraffe quarters. The giraffe was the luckiest animal in the zoo because she didn't have to look for food. The zookeepers brought her bales of acacia leaves hanging down from high up to mimic her natural habitat's prevailing conditions. The giraffe also ate fruits, carrots, hay, and grain, and she was the mother of a newborn calf named Calvin. Calvin nursed on his mother's milk, and there were small pools of her letdown milk for the mice to drink.

One mouse, named Max, was particularly adventurous. He climbed up the giraffe's tail, walked on her back, up her neck, and stood on her head, taking in the view of the zoo and the visitors. The giraffe didn't mind, and the visiting children laughed at Max's antics.

Max and his family then went to visit the zebras. The zebras were a wild bunch, and they ran all over in their enclosure. The mice stayed far away, for fear of being crushed under their hooves. There were only girl zebras in the enclosure, and they barked and wheezed when they saw the rodents.

Far away from the zebras was the black bear. The mice family was afraid to go near the bear because they knew he was an omnivore, and they were afraid he might eat them. So they stayed away and watched him from a distance.

The zoo was a magical place for the animals and the visitors. Every day was a new adventure, and the animals always had something to do. The orangutan and the gorilla continued to be the showstoppers, and the mice continued to scurry around, looking for food. The giraffe was happy to have visitors, and the zebras and the bear continued to do their thing.

As the sun set over the zoo, the animals settled down for the night, and the visitors went home. The zookeepers locked the gates, and the animals were safe and secure in their enclosures. It was another successful day at the zoo, and everyone was looking forward to what tomorrow would bring. Little did they know that tomorrow would bring an unexpected visitor, a stray cat that would find its way into the zoo and cause chaos among the animals. But that's a story for another day. For now, the animals slept peacefully, dreaming of the adventures they would have in the days to come.