Let Us Celebrate Ambikai!
Published:13 Jul 2020 8 PMUpdated:13 Jul 2020 8 PM
Sakthi Vikatan

Sakthi Vikatan Team
Collection: Namasivayam
1. ŚrīKuṅkumavalli Samētha ŚrīthāṉThōṉṛēsvarar Temple is on the road in the Tiruchi-Uṛaiyūr Highway. Sthala Purāṉam says that the temple’s location is where ŚrīThāyumāṉa Swāmy (Īsvaraṉ) gave pregnant devotee Kānthimathi Darsan (appearance) and granted grace and protection.

2. It is a traditional belief that uneventful delivery will be the usual experience of the pregnant and married women if they worship at this temple. Their married life will be long and stable. Thillai Kāḷi grants grace as Thillaik-Kāli. On every new moon day, special Yagam and ablution for Thillai Kāḷi with 108 substances take place.

3. Participation in this worship and supplication to Ammaṉ will guarantee relief from troublesome enemies

4. Couples' amity between them will heighten. Success in court cases will take place. Sibling rivalry and opposition will end. Evil sakthis will flee. Relief from debt will take place. These are the beliefs of the devotees.
5. Mēlmalaiyaṉūr ŚrīAṅkāḷa Paramēsvari Ammaṉ Temple is about 20km from Cenghi in Vizhuppuram division. Ammaṉ is self-created from the anthill. She sports four hands, a bent left leg, and a hanging right leg resting on Brahma Kapālam (skull), looks northward, and grants grace and compassion.

6. There is a humongous anthill near Ammaṉ. Since she had the appearance of the anthill, she earned the name,’Puṛṛu Dēvi,’ and also ‘Dhaṇdēsvari.’ In this temple, the devotees receive a slurry of anthill mud and water. The belief is that the imbibers receive blessings of progeny and eradication of illnesses.  
7. The devotees say that witnessing Ūñjal Urcchavam festival in Mēlmalaiyaṉūr Temple contiguously on three New Moon days will get progeny, a wedding proposal and other boons.

Puṉṉainallūr Māri Gave eyesight the king's daughter.

8. The period was when Thulaja Rājā ruled Thanjai. His daughter had impairment of eyesight from smallpox. The king was deep in depression. Māri Ammai appeared in his dream as a Brahmin girl. 
9. ''Tuḷaja Maṉṉā! Go to my Sannidhi in Puṉṉainallūr with your daughter and receive a Darsan of me. Your mental agony will come to an end,'' said the Goddess. The next morning, the king with his daughter went to the Māriammaṉ temple Sannidhi. He worshipped her with his heart, mind, and soul. When Gurukkaḷs were waving the lamps, a black something fell out of her eyes. That moment, the princess yelled ecstatically, “Father, I can see now.”

10. The king jumped for joy like a youngster and understood Ammaṉ’s grace completely. As a reflection of his happiness, he removed the thatched roof of the Sannidhi and replaced it with a beautiful temple. The king had one more desire. He thought, ''I must give a new form to Ambikai, who now has the anthill appearance.”

11. As if sent by Ambikai, Satguru ŚrīSadhāśiva Brahmēndhira Swāmigaḷ came to the temple. The Mahājñāni knowing the mind of the king made the idol of Mahā Māriammaṉ with the anthill earth (CE 1735). The Guru dedicated the Chakra (discus). Worship of this Ammaṉ will prosper our lives.