Anjaneya the staunch devotee of Rama sees Sita Devi in Sri Lanka. She explains that wearing Vermilion on the parted hair on the head in the midline brings protection and auspiciousness to Rama. Hanuman an impressionable devotee takes it upon himself to wear Vermilion on his body from crown to toes. Read the twists and turns in the story.  Sindoor/Senduram = Vermilion streak on hair partition in the midline.


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1Hanuman loves the Vermilion powder (from flora) He had the holy vision of Sita Devi (Rama’s Consort) and asked her to explain the significance of red streak in the midline parting of the hair in the forehead. Sita said that wearing Centuram would bring good things and auspiciousness to Rama. You might have heard of the story of Anjaneya smearing himself with the red powder all over his body. Likewise, there is another story.


2Ravana the abductor of Sita, Rama’s wife died in the hands of Rama. Instead of being the minister of intelligence, Hanuman’s wish was always to be close to Rama in his service. In that jubilant spirit, he continued to render service to Rama. On the first day, when the night fell, the day shift workers left and the night shift employees came and performed their duties since arrival.

3Rama called on Anjaneya (Hanuman) and said, “Anjaneya, night is imminent. It is time to retire to and rest in your mansion and report back to your work in the morning.”

4Anjaneya trembled in shock.

5Anjaneya: “Swamy, What justice is there in your order? I see you want to expel me. My place is where you are. I was so happy as the night fell.  I thought for Rama service, there will be less interference during night than during day time. I thought I would massage your feet and stay the night holding them. You are driving me from my ordained service. What justice is this? Am I to take rest leaving you here? Therefore, I will not leave you.” So, he said firmly and resolutely.

6Hearing this, Rama’s mind moved. He thought in his mind, “What love and devotion to me.” Rama said to him,” You may stay in the bedroom for a while.”

7Anjaneya was joyous. ‘That time, though short, is some time. It appears he won’t confer on me the blessing of remaining with him all night.  M, hum!’ So saying, he anguished inside his mind.

8Rama sporting a knowing smile entered the bedroom and reclined on the couch. That was midnight. Sita was not present in the bedroom, but was doing service to her mother-in-law, Kausalya Devi. After completing it, she would then enter the bedroom.

9In old age, some go to sleep in the evening; some go to sleep late in the night. Kausalya Devi belonged to the latter group. She goes to sleep late in the night. Sita massages her feet and waits until Kausalya goes to sleep and later she returns to Rama. Rama allowed Anjaneya to massage his feet in the bedroom for the duration Sita spent her time serving her mother-in-law. Rama said to Anjaneya he can spend some time in the bedroom, who did his service to the Lord as he reclined on the couch.  A period of 48 minutes (One naaLikai = 24 minutes) passed and the tinkling of anklets sounded, announcing the imminent arrival of Sita. Rama turned his head ever so slightly and spoke to Anjaneya with his eyes, (it was time for him to leave). 

10Anjaneya shook his head and defied Rama and spoke, “Why should I leave?”

11As Rama spoke, “What? Your asking was correct,” Sita appeared at the doorstep with a vessel of drinking water. Rama saw Sita; ever so fast, he turned his face to Anjaneya. “Anjaneya, did you understand? It is time you leave.” That was the unspoken words of Rama’s visage (expressive eyes).

12Will Anjaneya give up that easy? “When Amma shows up, why should I leave? What is so special about Amma?”

13Rama gave him an appropriate reply. Look at the parted hair of Amma. Does she not wear Vermilion there?  That Vermilion streak and kumkum are the special reasons.

14Anjaneya saw them. If Centrum is the special reason, I could smear myself with Vermilion, I could also stay with Ramachandra Murthy for the whole night…; I could render service to him. Thus, he thought and uttered, “Jai Sitaram!”  with majestic air and roared as he ran outside.

15He ran far and wide in the dead of night and located a shop. The shop was closed. He did not worry about it. He entered the shop after breaking the lock and the door. Inside, it was a thick night; what is what was not apparent. As his eyes accommodated to the darkness, he discovered the box of Vermilion. He opened the box, took some of the red powder and got ready to apply it on his parted hair. Out popped a problem.

16‘Where is my hair partition? How am I to locate it?’ That doubt reared its head. That lasted a few minutes. A thought dawned in his head. ‘Hah-ha  Hah-ha.’ Crowing, he jumped for joy.

17Swamy keeps Sita close to him because of Vermilion on her parted hair. Anyway, looking from a different angle, Sita remained away from Rama for 10 months in desperation. After death of Ravana, it came to pass that Rama told her, ‘You may go anywhere.’

18‘The reason boils down to Sita wearing Vermilion on her parted hair. I should not be doing it. Let me smear the Vermilion all over the body.  If I do it, then only separation from Rama will not happen.’ Following this thought process, Anjaneya scooped up the Vermilion powder (Centūram) and smear it from his crown to toes. In the stance of Centūra-Anjaneya, he stood before Rama in his bedroom.

19The Vermilion sky and the dawn burst forth as if to witness the beauty of the sacred body of Anjaneya smeared with Centūram (செந்தூரம்)..

20Ramamurthy, coming out into the open for morning religious rites, saw Anjaneya perceived his inner feelings and embraced him that very moment.

21We also apply Vermilion powder on Anjaneya and worship him. In his shrine, we will receive the Vermilion powder with reverent devotion, chant Rama Namam and apply it on our forehead. Thereafter, fear of the enemy, disease, poverty…will leave; because of his grace and blessings, only happiness will remain with us.



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Is Hanuman only Great?

Devotion of Servitor (Dāśya Bhakti) is one among Bhaktis (devotion).  Servitor Bhakti is acceptance of God or Guru as the Master, and conducting oneself as a humble slave or servant in all his services to them. The exemplar of this Dāśya Bhakti is Hanuman. When Sri Rama returned to Ayodya after completing the exile into the forest to resume his rein, Hanuman stayed with him in his eternal service.

Hanuman rendered all needed services to Rama during the waking hours, knowing well his needs by intuition. Sita, Bharata, Lakshmana and Śatrughna always close to Rama were astonished at Hanuman’s service to Rama.

One day, Rama praised Hanuman’s dedicated services. Taking hint from Rama’s words, Sita and Rama’s brothers decided to render service likewise to Rama (in Hanuman’s way) at least for one day. They expressed their desire to Rama and added, “Hanuman only performs all needed services to you; we need your permission to do service to you at least for tomorrow.” Rama gave them permission for such service. 

The Eager Beavers divided the task among themselves and got ready for service to Rama from the time he opened eyes in the morning to shut eyes in the night. They took the worksheet of their intended team effort. With a sense of disappointment, Rama said, “You have not enlisted Hanuman in your dream team.”

They chanted in chorus, “We by ourselves service your needs.”

Rama asked, “Do you have your worksheet with you?”  They all chorused, “Yes.”

Rama sporting a faint smile asked, “If there is some work missing in this worksheet, can Hanuman do it?”

The Eager Beavers said, “No such thing will come to pass.”

Hanuman came to know of Rama’s order. Next day, Sita and Rama’s brothers plunged headlong into their work from the time of his awakening. Their twin happiness in life was to remain physically close to him and to render services.

According to the order of Rama, Hanuman sat near the entrance and meditated, “Rama…Rama…” He had his attention directed also on the proper conduct of Rama services.

The service proceeded with no hitch during daylight hours. Come night, Rama went to bed. Sita came with a plate of Thāmbūlam. (Betel-leaf and arecanut).   Rama opened the mouth. That is it: he never closed the open mouth again. No movement, no speech. Sita was afraid that something serious happened to Rama. She called Bharata, Lakshmana, and Śatrughna. They came running, calling “Aṇṇā, Aṇṇā.” – older brother. The royal physician was called into the bedroom. He declared, “No diseases.” He left the premises. They thought of calling Hanuman but deferred. Instead they called the family Guru Vasiṣṭha. He performed what he knew he should do. He whispered some Mantras in his ear. He meditated for a short time. None of the remedial measures worked.

At last, Vasiṣṭha said only Hanuman could explain this. Hanuman jumped up, rushed to the bedroom, and snapped his fingers, which resulted in Rama closing the mouth spontaneously.

The relief was palpable among the gathered people. Rama spoke, “When I yawn (resulting in locked jaw), Hanuman performed snapping of his fingers before my mouth. You all do not know this.”  All were crestfallen from shame.

Knowing that in Bhakti service, 'Hanuman’s equal is Hanuman himself," they all praised him sincerely.