Bharathiayar Stories
Madurai Project. Article in Tamil
Translation: Veeraswamy Krishnaraj


The baby snake morphs into a beautiful girl when she wants.

1.       Madhukandikai, the peacock, tells the story.

2.       In ancient times, in the town of Vanchi, a snake with its baby girl lived on the hedge of a garden. Since the girl snake was beautiful, it carried the name of Rojappu (Rose flower).


3.       One night, the snake and its baby crawled out of the bush and enjoyed the breeze. The baby asked the mom.


4.       "Amma (Mother), why do all show enmity to us? Men throw stones at us on the street. What is the reason?"


5.       The mother tells the baby, "My child! |We have a poisonous tooth. Whenever we bite anyone, the death of the victim is a certainty. So, they fear us. From fear, enmity rises." That is the reason for their hatred."


6.       As the mother and daughter were conversing, a Muni passed by and was not afraid of the snakes. He did not bypass them and did not even take another look over his shoulder. He just continued. Rojappu was surprised and asked the mother.


7.       "Amma! This man only goes with no fear. Why so?"


8.       The mother explains, "He is a Siddhar. He will not die if we bite him. Therefore, he does not fear. He is a great Jñāni. His boon and curse will materialize and give good or bad results."


9.       Hearing the mother, the baby thought for a while and asked, "Amma, do you know where he lives?"


10.   Mother: "Look there, further out. There is a village. To its south, a stream and a grove exist. He lives in the grove."


11.   A few days later, the baby snake went to the grove all by itself and found the Muni sitting under the tree. The baby snake fell at his feet. The Muni asked the baby snake, "What do you want?"


12.   The baby snake: ''A boon.''


13.   Muni: "What boon?"


14.   The baby snake: "Whenever I wish, I must become a beautiful human girl."


15.   Muni: "On what account." 


16.   The baby snake: "My being, everyone extends hostility. If Rajakumar (prince) sees me, I must assume a likable appearance."



17.   Knowing the desire of the baby snake, the Muni said, "You will have a human appearance whenever you desire. Whenever you develop fear when speaking to a person, you should not remain with him too long. You must depart immediately; otherwise, you will sustain death in his hands."


18.   One day, she donned in girl's clothes, went into the royal gardens, and stood where the prince was sporting in the Moon courtyard. Astonished by her beauty, the prince asked her who she was.