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Sakthi Vikatan
மு.இராகவன்பா. பிரசன்ன வெங்கடேஷ்
M. Raghavanpa.  Prasanna Venkatesh
1. அலைமகள், கலைமகள், மலைமகள் ஆகிய மூவரும் சேர்ந்த உருவமாக திருமாமகளாக இங்கு தாயார் காட்சி தருகிறார். Alaimakal, Kalaimakal, Malaimakal = Daughter of Ocean, Daughter of Arts & Sciences, Daughter of the Mountain.  Alai = wave. Kalai = Art. Malai - mountain. These are the eponymous names of Lakshmi, Saraswathi, and Pārvati, the holy daughters. The unity of triadic goddesses present to us as Thāyār' (Holy Mother).

Here is a sampling of the four verses by which Tirumaṅgaiyāzhvār offered his benediction (Maṅgaḷā-sāsaṉam) to Tirupuliyūr Temple.
`சிறை வண்டிறையும் சிறு புலியூர்
தேனார் பொழில் தழுவும் சிறு புலியூர்
செந்தாமரை மலரும் சிறு புலியூர்
செழுநீர் வயல் தழுவும் சிறு புலியூர்’
- இங்ஙனம் 10 பாசுரங்களால் திருமங்கையாழ்வார் மங்களாசாசனம் செய்த திருக்கோயில், திருவாரூர் மாவட்டம் சிறுபுலியூரில் அமைந்துள்ளது.


1. ŚrīDēvi and BhūDēvi, the companions of ŚrīKrupāsamutthira Perumāḷ, are the grace-giving deities of this temple, celebrated as the 11th of the 108 Vaishnava Temples. Since he is the Ocean of Mercy to the surrendering devotees, he goes by the name Ocean of Mercy (Krupāsamuthirar).

2. Tiger-foot Muni (Pulikkāl Muṉivar in Tamil and Vyāgrapāda Muni in Sanskrit) was a devotee of Śri Natarajar for a long time. Upon the latter’s order, the Muni went to this temple, worshipped the deity, and attained Mukthi. Therefore, this temple went by the name Cirupuliyūr (town of the small tiger). As in Śrīrangam, the temple has a south-facing sanctum. The uniqueness of this temple is the temple tree is a Bael tree,  the favorite of Śiva. The sacerdotal services proceed with the use of Bael leaves.

3. This Divyadēsam was celebrated temple worshipped by the sun, Aṉandhan, Dhurvāsar, Tirumaṅgaiyāzhvār, and Maṇavāla Māmuṉikaḷ. A rare sight at this temple is the presence of Ādhiśēṣa’s temple on the banks of the Aṉandhasaras, the sacred pond. Ādhiśēṣa has a thousand heads. He appears as a five-headed snake wearing conch and discus and sporting four hands in the guise of a Tapasvin or recluse.

 ŚrīBāla Hanuman, ŚrīViṣṇu Durgai

4. A dispute arose as to who is greater between Garuda and Ādhiśēṣa. In Garuda, I-ness as a self-conceit rose in his mind. Perumāḷ extinguished the self-conceit and sent him to the Pātāla (underworld). The Temple Chronicle states that Perumāḷ sent Ādhiśēṣa to the sacred pond named Aṉandhasaras to take his abode by the bank of the pond.

5. Alaimakal, Kalaimakal, Malaimakal are the triad, whose fusion form presents herself as the Thāyār, the Tirumakaḷ. It is unique that in this temple, Bael leaves are used during Archana. Perumāḷ along with Śrīdēvi, Bhūdēvi, Vyāsar, Vyāgrapāthar, and Gaṅgā offer Darsan in the Sanctum Sanctorum.

 6. Salacyaṉa Perumāḷ - ŚrīKrupāsamudhra Perumāḷ - Tirumāmagaḷ

7. We spoke to temple's Śrīkāntha Bhattar.

8.'' ' Garudā! Are you well,? Said Ādhiśēṣa'  The reply was, it will all be fine and dandy if everyone knows his station and remains in his place. Perumāḷ slept in the Sanctum facing south in the form of an infant. Since Perumāḷ resolved the dispute between Ādhiśēṣa’ and Garudā, worshipping Perumāḷ at this temple resolves the dispute between couples, and in the court cases and makes virtue ascendant. Diseases will disappear, the progeny will be the fortune of couples, and wedding barriers will leave, upon dissolving the unrefined sugar in the sacred temple pond. ''

 9. A multitude of festivals takes place in the temple: Chitrai new year day festival, spring festival, Ādi Pavitra festival, ĀvaṇiJayanthi festival, Purattāci Navarātri festival, Maṇavālamāmuṉi 10-day festival, Kārthikai Deepa festival, Mārgazhi Vaikuṇta ēkādasi festival, Thai Sankranti festival, Aṉandhāzhvār festival, and Perumāḷ-Thāyār festival. On these special occasions, Darsan of Perumāḷ and Thāyār, we will gain life’s prosperities and live well.

10. We, for once, get a Darsan of Krupāsamudra Perumāḷ.  By his grace, obstacles in our lives will leave us, and we will see progress.

11. Attention Devotees.

Temple: Ciṛupuliyūr

Mūlavar or Fixed Deity: Salasayaṉa Perumāḷ - Krupāsamudra Perumāḷ.

Thāyār: Tirumāmakaḷ Nācchiyār

Unique sacerdotal Services: Cure of disease, Progeny, Removal of the barrier to the wedding, Couple’s amity, Victory in the court, and more. The devotees arrive at the temple, supplicate and obtain boons.