CS17-The FarmerAndTheGoldenEgg

In a village, a farmer resided with his family. He owned a remarkable duck that laid one golden egg every day. The farmer, in turn, sold the egg to procure the necessary items to sustain his family. One day, a thought flashed across his mind: "If I collect all the eggs in one day, I can accumulate a significant amount of money." Excited by this idea, he shared it with his wife.

Without giving it a second thought, his wife readily agreed. The farmer and his wife proceeded to cut open the duck in their quest for the eggs. However, their search yielded no eggs; instead, it resulted in a pool of blood as the duck lay lifeless. The wedded pair found themselves disappointed, having not only lost the duck but also the daily sustenance it provided.

The moral of the story is clear: "Think sagaciously and then act."