CHO and Thuglak


Kakistocratical Royal Reign of India by Muhammad Bin Tughluq (1325–1351 CE).

Magazine anniversary coincides with Harvest Festival 2017.

Thugluq a polyglot spoke many tongues. A magazine after his name: Thuglak. It could also be Thug Luck, Thug-Lack, Tough Luck, Thug-A-Luck, ThugaLaka.

Annual celebration of the magazine falls on Pongal, the Harvest Festival in January.

Thuglak's Cho Ramaswamy a comedian in Tamil Nadu died. (5 October 1934-7 December 2016) He was the founder and editor of Tamil Magazine Thuglak. He was an ecumenical critic of the Right, the Left, the Center, the Back, the Front, the Below and the Above... known for his unbiased political analysis. Every year on January 15th coinciding with Harvest Festival, his magazine "Thuglak" was celebrated.

The magazine is named after the erstwhile wacky ruler of India, Tughluq.

Muhammad bin Tughluq ascended the throne of Tughluq dynasty of Delhi in February, 1325 A.D. Madurai came under his rule besides other parts of India.

Muhammad Bin Tughlaq (Jauna Khan) came to throne after the accidental death of his father Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq and remained an unsuccessful sultan till his last breath. He had been a man of controversies and crisis. Mongol invasions were his nightmare.

He moved his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad. He ordered the people to move 1500 KM with their belongings under duress. Many people, most of them Muslims, died of exhaustion and hunger.

(This reminds us of "The Trail of Tears," when the Native American Indians were forced to move from SW US to area west of Mississippi River for love of gold.... Over 4000 Native Americans died.)

Bubonic plague made a visitation on people and Tughlak himself became ill. Many soldiers died.

He feared northern borders of his empire were susceptible to enemy attacks. He moved the capital back to Delhi with the people. He favored muslims to move leaving the Hindus alone - to avoid Hindu rebellions in the new capital-with an idea of establishing an Islamic Cultural Center. It backfired. Muslims died on the way to and from Daulatabad. Muhammad Bin Tughluq was careless, sometimes insane and sometimes acted like a real hero and leader.

He raised an army of 3,700,000 soldiers, paid them one year in advance and later dissolved the army for lack of funds.

He wanted to conquer China. Ten thousand soldiers died in the hills. He oversaw his empire fall apart.

He made crude coins as currency. Fake coins flooded the market resulting in coins becoming trinkets.

He was a learned man, though hasty, unprepared... He put the cart before the horse. He was resistant to advice. He was quick to give gifts and harsh punishments.

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