Published:20 Apr 2020 8 PMUpdated:20 Apr 2020 8 PM
தேவராவதும் அசுரராவதும்... Man becoming a god or demon
சைலபதி Author Sailapathi
பிரம்மா  Brahma
1. Adhisankara points out to this event portrayed in Brhadāranya Upanishad that there are no Deva, man and Asura.
2. Brahma instructed with his blessing and grace the Devas, men, and Asuras saying 'tha', 'tha,' 'tha.'
3. The Devas understood it as Tāmyatha, meaning selfcontrol. They realized they they were miserable because of their organs (sensory and motor organs), Brahma graced them with control of their senses.
4. The men undertood the syllable 'Tha' to mean 'Thaththam' meaning Dhānam. It is giving what is theirs to others and living a life free of greed. Since the Asuras conduct themselves with no mercy to other life forms, they understood Brahma stressed to them to become compassionate beings.

5. Ādhisankarar offers a different interpretation, saying there is no triad here: Devas, Men and Asuras. When the sensory and motor organs are under control, giving is prevalent and compassion is ascendant, men become Devas. When these qualities (Self control, giving, and compassion) are abandoned, men become Asuras according to the interpretation by Sankara. The pupils of a Guru will develop a lofty thinking and mind holding the Guru's instructions as the highest ethics.