The unkown truths About Draupadhi
 Sep 12, 2020  குமுதம் பக்தி ஸ்பெஷல் - Kumudam Bakthi



  The unknown Truths about Draupadhi.


  1. Draupadhi did not exchange garlands with Arjuna with a desire to be a polyandrous wife of her five husbands. 


  2. This event took place to demonstrate a righteous meaning and principle. 


  3.  Polyandrous Draupadhi lived with a husband on the principle of one husband for one year. At the end of the year, she entered fire (Agni Pravēsam = Entering the fire), purified herself, and went to live with the next husband. 


  5. Even today, this practice of Thī Midhi ("தீ மிதி" = Stepping or walking on fire) takes place for the wife who separated from her husband or for those who desire for a prosperous wedded life. Today, we see women descend into a pit of flowers presumed to be the Thī Midhi to purify themselves. 


  5. Once when the Pandavas lived in the forest exile, Bhagavan Krishna visited with them. It was day one for Draupadhi to start living with Bhīma. Bhīma had his misgiving about this polyandrous arrangement. How could a woman accept five husbands and live without s sense of contrition? That too, Krishna was there and witnessed it. 


  6. Krishna was like an older brother. Bhīma’s face appeared shrunken with torment. Krishna understood and looked at her eyes and smiled at Draupadhi, who smiled back at him. 


  7. Bhīma was boiling with anger but contained himself. When Bhīma was alone with Krishna, he asked him, “Krishnā! Is it fair on your part? All these days, she was my sister-in-law and, therefore, like a mother to me. From today onwards for a year, she will be my wife. How could I accept this situation? You seem to blossom with glee and glow and laugh. Draupadhi joined you in the smile.”


  8. Krishna said to Bhīma, “Bhīmā! Events take place, not with your approval. Here to before, the now unfolding events were preset to take place. There is no reason for you to grieve over it. And yet, I will, for your comfort, tell you something relevant to your concern. 


  9. Krishna said, “Is it not true Draupadhi will go out alone in the dark of night? Bhīma said, “Yes, I have seen it. Every night, she went out and returned at dawn. 

Krishna: “How did Draupadhi appear on her return?”

Bhīma: “Like the new gold after melting and purification. Her face shone like a brilliant (smokeless) flame.”


  10. Krishna: “Bhīmā! Tonight, follow her on her midnight outing and see for yourself.”

As Draupadhi was out at midnight, Bhīma and Krishna stealthily followed Draupadhi. They saw her raise fire and fall in it. Distress enveloped Bhīma, who was about to take off to rescue her. Krishna stopped him.


  11. Krishna whispered in Bhīma’s ear, “Look-see.” What a wonder! In the enveloping flames, was Draupadhi bathing? Sākṣākth Akilāṇḍēsvari herself gives Darsan in her native form. Will the fire scald her? She is Fire herself. She is water. She is Air. She is Ākāsh (Ether). She is the Earth. She is all. Krishna Vāsudēva calling the wonder-struck Bhīma, makes him realize the truth. 


  12. “Bhīmā! All five of you, the five brothers, are the Five Great Elements. Draupadhi is the Mahāsakthi who reigns over all of you. You are under her subordination and not the other way around. If the five of you are the five senses, Draupadhi is the indwelling Jīvātma in your bodies. 


  13.  Krishna: You must realize this truth. That is why I brought you here to witness the event yourself. Let this truth embed in you. There is no virgin or devoted wife in this world better than her. 

  She is everything! This truth illustrates Draupadhi marrying all five of you. Those who realized this Tattva are the realizers of me. Do your duty with no grief.