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சக்தி கொடு! - 11 - சதுர்த்தி பிறந்த திருக்கதை!
சக்தி விகடன் டீம் Sakthi Vikatan Team
சக்தி கொடு! - 11 - சதுர்த்தி பிறந்த திருக்கதை! The story of the origin of Chaturthi
கணபதியே வருவாய் அருள்வாய் O Gaṇapathy! Welcome and Bless Us.
1. Āvaṇi (mid-Aug to Mid-Sep) is the month that immerses us in joy because of the incomparable religious festivities. It is a month of two divine Avatars: Kaṇṇaṉ and Gaṇapathy.
2. Gaṇapathy is Vināyakaṉ because there is no Nāyakaṉ above him. He holds (and retains) the first place in our lives and events.
3. Once, Śivaperumāṉ and Ambikai entered Chitra Mandapam in Tirukkailās and clapped their eyes on the ever-present Mantras. Because of the kaṭāṭcam (Divine side glance = gracious side glance) of Ambikai, the Mantras woke up into life and sported a halo. From that halo, emerged a staff in the form of a sound. From this Light-Sound entity dawned a holy form. That form is Varatha Gaṇapathy.
4. The halo’s name is Bindu. The staff is Nādam. Bindu (Akaram, Ukaram, Makaram = A-U-M) came from Nādam. AUM together sounds like Om. Piḷḷaiyār is of the form of Omkāram (Praṇavam). To remind us of the Avatar of Piḷḷaiyār, we draw the Bindu-Nādam as a Suzhi (Whirl). See the inset.
5. Piḷḷaiyār’s holy Avatar took place in the month of Āvaṇi on the 4th day of the waxing moon. We celebrate that day joyously as Vināyakar Chaturthi, which falls on Sept 2, 2019. Let us learn as to how to celebrate that holy day and worship Vināyakar, capable of erasing our relentless karma.
6. Procedure to do Pūjai.

7. Because she is the daughter of Himavāṉ, Pārvati carries a holy name Umaiyavaḷ. Once, Himavāṉ instructed her on Vināyaka Chaturthi Pūjai methods and procedures, which I will tell you.
8. On the day of Vināyaka Chaturthi, one must perform an early morning ritual bath and complete all the daily morning activities. Later, the devotee must take all Pūja accouterments. 
9. The Pūja site must be clean. There should be a small Pūja Mandapam (a miniature replica of Pūjai hall or platform) in which Piḷḷaiyār is installed and sanctified.
10. When the model of Pūja Mandapam is ready, the devotee must bring in clean mud, remove the small stones, roots and other debris and install the hand-made Piḷḷaiyār statue according to injunctions.
11. Next, one should bathe in pure water, imagining that the devotee bathes in the Ganges river.
12. Bathing and application of Vibhuthi precede entry into the prayer room.
13. After pleading with Piḷḷaiyār that the Vināyaka Chaturthi Pūjai should proceed without delay and impediment, the devotee can perform the worship. It is appropriate and laudable to supplicate the Lord for the weal, welfare, and wealth of joy for the entire world.
14. Piḷḷaiyār worship includes the application of Harialli grass and White Madar garland, the offering of Sugarcane, Mōdhakam, Aval, and puffed rice and doing Arcaṉa and worship.
அறுகம்புல் aṟukam-pul grass and வெள்ளெருக்கு veḷ-ḷ-erukku flowers.
15. The must-do things after worship.  

 அறுகம்புல் aṟukam-pul grass and வெள்ளெருக்கு veḷ-ḷ-erukku flowers
16. Vināyakar Purāṇam talks about a wonderful deed that all should do after completing the Pūjai.
Oblation through fire.
17. Along with the meditation on the Praṇava-shaped Vināyaka, the devotee must do the Omkāra Japam, offer libations and Homams (oblations through fire) ten times for each. After the libations, the devotee must provide food, according to Vinayakar Puranam.
18. But, not everyone can do this elaborate Pūjai. The well-to-do must do it: guaranteed results. The have-nots can raise their hands, oppose their palms, and offer worship with faith to Gaṇapathy. All the hardships will vanish, and happiness will prevail in the family.  
19. Sacred Texts say the Pūjai that began on Vin­āyaka Chaturthi should continue until the next Chaturthi in the succeeding month, Puraṭṭāsi  
20. Afterward, the devotees take the mud-made Piḷḷaiyār on a procession accompanied by drums and chanting of names of God and immersing in a water-body. The observers should not sleep in the daytime for a month, eat only milk and fruits, and avoid anger and desire. After 30 days of Viratam (vow), they should sit and eat with the poor, at least 21 in number. The devotees who cannot observe one month of Viratam should at least keep the vow faithfully on the day of the Vināyaka Chaturthi.
21. There is one thing to remember: Worshipping Gaṇapathy amounts to receiving benefits by worshipping the three principal Gods (Brahma, Vishnu and Siva), three primary Goddesses (Brahmi, Vaishnavi and Sakthi, and 337.5 million (முப்பது முக்கோடி தேவர்கள்). You gain those meritorious fruits that accompany Viṇāyaka Chaturthi.
22. Elephant-faced Lord; the God worshipped by Gaṇas (attendants); the God who imbibes the juices of wood apples and java plums; the son of Umai; the Lord, the remover of sorrows: I worship him.
23. The vow that offers the grace and blessing for the long wedded life.
24. A vow for conferment of a long-wedded and auspicious life comes in the month of Āvaṇi (mid-Aug — mid-Sep). That is Garudapañchami Viratapūjai. Sūthapourāṇikar told Saṉakāthi Muṉivar about the greatness of Viratapūjai. It is the Viratham for observance on the 5th day of the waxing moon. In 2019, it falls on a Tuesday in September.
25. The girls with male siblings should get up early in the morning, take a bath and wear clean clothes. They should make a square Maṇḍapam, draw a Kōlam, and decorate it with flowers. In the center of the Mandapam, a pointy plantain leaf with two kg of rice sits on a seat. On top of the rice, a gold, silver, or bronze icon of a snake rests. The have-nots can use a clay model of the snake. By the side of the image, the devotee must place a replica of Gauri made of turmeric.
26. Later, Chanting panegyric of Ambal, offering Naivēttiyam and worshipping according to injunctions, are in order. Just like in Varalaskmi Viratam, the person wears the puja-thread. In the house of the women doing the Viratam for ten years, auspiciousness prevails. Their demands for grants come to fruition.
27. What kind of Naivēttiyam can we offer?
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