Published:13 Jul 2020 8 PMUpdated:13 Jul 2020 8 PM
Sakthi Vikatan
பெரும்பிணி குணமான அற்புதம்!

Authors: M. Raghavan & P. Prasanna Venkatesh
Tirutthuṛaippūṇdi Marunthīsar Temple replete with grace.
1. Only a few west-pointing Īsaṉ Temples exist today dispensing grace. Of them the most noteworthy temple is in Tiruvārūr area at Tirutthueṛaippūṇdi.
2. Here Śiva, as ŚrīPiṛavi Marunthīsar, bestows grace with ŚrīPeriyanāyaki Ambāḷ
3. The temple tree is Bael tree, under which Īsaṉ appeared as the Self-created God, earning the name for the temple, Vilvāraṇyam. Vilvam = Bael. Āraṇyam = forest. The Navagrahas (Nine planets) subdued by The Great Floods (Pralaya), prayed to Śiva in this temple and recouped their portfolios. Therefore, this temple goes also by the name Navagrahāpuram. Sēkizhār in his Periyapurāṇam, notes that Tirugñāṉasampanthar received Darsan of the God in this temple. This temple has an emerald Liṅgam, adding to its unique status.
Image of ŚrīPeriyanāyaki Ambāḷ

4. At the very beginning, Brahma had five faces like Śiva. Brahma is the creator while Śiva is the destroyer. Brahma developed a superiority complex thinking that only when he creates, Śiva can destroy, and if he stops creating, Śiva cannot destroy and therefore he was superior. Discovering this, Śiva took the form of Bhairavar, cut off one Brahma’s five heads, and dismissed him from his position of creatorship as a matter of curse.
5. Realizing his mistake, Brahma supplicated to Śiva to release him from his curse. Śiva extended to him his grace and told him to worship him in his form of Svayambhu (Self-created) in Vilvāraṇyam at Tirutthuṛaipūṇdi. Brahma went to Tirutthuṛaipūṇdi, stayed there for a while, dug a pond (later known as Brahma Tīrtham) and performed ritual ablutions of Śiva with the holy water from the pond.

6. Satisfied with Brahma’s efforts, Śiva gave him Darsan along with his portfolio of creation. The day the curse was lifted was Ashvini day. The tradition is those born on Ashvini day will be free of much Dhoṣam (sins, faults), if they worship at this temple.

7. Pārvatidēvi taking the holy vow to spread the greatness of Śiva, descended to earth as a young woman to perform Tapas at Parāsara Muṉivar’s hermitage. Gajamukhan the Arakkaṉ, seeing a young lass in Tapas, attempted to abduct her and mess up her Tapas.
8. Ambāḷ put her hand on the weapon of Piravimarunthīsvaran and requested refuge with him. Immediately Śiva graciously appeared and killed the Asura. The uniqueness of this temple is Īsaṉ appears as the Gajasamhāra Mūrthym (the killer of Gajamukhan) looking in southern direction and offering grace and protection.
9. The devotees say that the Kārataiyāṉ Nōṉpu originated here. Jallikkēsvari had the boon of Dhīrgasumaṅgali (Eternally married woman). Her husband Jallikkēsvaraṉ died of snakebite. ‘Things turned obverse to my boon. Is it justice?’ Sorrowful Jallikkēsvari, requesting the return of wedded state and her husband, observed Kāradaiyāṉ Vow and beseeched to Īsaṉ.
Note: kāraṭaiyā-nōṉpu , n. காரடை + ஆம் +. A ceremonial fast observed by women when the sun passes from Aquarius to Pisces, praying for the longevity of their husbands. Tamil Lexicon

10. Immediately Maruthīsar raised Jallikkēsvaraṉ from dead and restored her wedded life with her husband. This temple shines as one to guarantee a long wedded life to couples.
11. Agasththiyar, sent to the south, wrote Tamil Grammar and explication in this temple. In the temple chronicle, there is a mention of it with the temple earning the name of Tiru Uraip Pūṇdi, which over years corrupted to Tirutthuṛaippūṇdi.
We spoke with the temple Arcchakars (priests), Balasubramaniyam and Vinod Gangadharan.
12. “Marunthīsar is capable of curing all kinds of ailments. The patients go to the temple and perform Maruthyuñcha Hōmam and also Navagraha Hōmam with the belief that they will get better. Recently, our relative in America suffered from Corona virus illness.
13. A special worship and supplication took place on his behalf. We sent Vibhūthi Prasādam to him. Because of Marunthīsar’s grace, he recovered from the illness and is in good health. Since Īsaṉ conferred grace to the Navagrahas, the devotees bring their horoscopes, put them before Marunthīsar, and perform Archana and worship. Because of it, they receive a new lease on life, having been cured of their illnesses.
14. Sufferers from troubles from enemies, baseless fear, curse from forefathers, and other maladies worship Marunthīsvarar with butter lamps and obtain relief soon.
15. Since Marunthīsvarar revelaed Agasththiar his wedding scene, the unmarried people worship Ambāḷ in the temple; the impediments to the weddings dissipate. The temple Archakars declare that a five-week-long Śiva Arcchanai and worship at this temple will cure devotees from many ailments.
16. You too get a Darsan of īsaṉ at least once in your lifetime and perform worship and receive a boon of a great disease-free life.