Published:04 May 2020 8 PMUpdated:04 May 2020 8 PM
கிருஷ்ணரால் கிடைத்த பாடம்!
LESSON from Krishna
சக்தி விகடன் டீம் Sakthi Vikatan Team
1) In our kingdom, an object once used, we discard.
2) The eldest of the Pañchapāṇḍavar Dharmar had the arrogance: “There is no one who exceeds me in philanthropy.”
3) Bhagavan Krishna took Dharmar to the Netherworld. Prahalāthaṉ’s grandson Mahābali was the king, deep in philanthropy. Krishnar and Dharma took a stroll along the main streets of the underworld kingdom. Dharmar was enthralled to see the prosperity at every nook and corner of the kingdom. After so much walking, he felt thirsty and asked for water from the lady of a house.
4) The lady brought water in a gold vessel and offered it with respect and humility. Once he quenched his thirst, he gave the gold stoup back to the lady. She quipped, “Ayyā! You must be a newcomer to the kingdom. In our kingdom, we throw away an object after a single use, though made of gold. You may throw it away, yourself.”
5) Dharmar was astonished to be a witness to  the throw-away culture in the underworld. Krishna Bhagavan and Dharmar reached Mahābali’s palace, where the king received them with pomp and pleasantries. Krishna introduced Dharmar to Mahābali, saying, "This is Dharmar, who gives away 500 meals every day without fail.” Mahābali, seized with anger and with his face twisted in knots, said, “Stop forthwith! Enough said.” He blocked his ears with his palms.
6) Krishna Paramātma said with no agitation, “Mahābali, why are you saying such words?” Do you think Krishna Paramātma did not have a precognition of all these things?
7) The king addressed Krishna, “Madhusūdhaṉā! It is not that you do not know we have no taker, and therefore no giver in my kingdom. There is no one here who makes a living by receiving. Since there are at least 500 people receiving food every day in the kingdom of Dharmar, there must be a mother lode of poor people from where he comes from. From this alone, I can see the deficiencies in his monarchy. I have no desire to see such a person, talk to that person, or know him. Ask him to leave this place right away.” Mahābali’s speech felt like a slipper slap on his face and a thunderous clap. The arrogance of Dharmar seemed to wilt, wither, dissipate and die, at that moment

தங்கம் கிருஷ்ணமூர்த்தி     Thangam Krishnamurthy