Verses 347-352  From Tirumantiram by Tirumular

English Translation by Dr. B. Natarajan  & Himalayan Academy.

3.  இலிங்க புராணம்

Liṅga Purāṇam

347. அடிசேர்வன் என்னஎம் ஆதியை நோக்கி
முடிசேர் மலைமக னார்மக ளாகித்
திடமார் தவஞ்செய்து தேவர் அறியப்
படியார அர்ச்சித்துப் பத்திசெய் தாளே

Comment 347. Sakti intent on reaching the Primal Being, incarnated Herself as Parvati, the daughter of the mountain-king, and performed hard penance. All the world stood in wonder. Siva warming up to Her intense devotion blessed Her.


347: The Benevolent Deeds Of The Lord--

How Sakti Won the Lord

"Of a certain will I espouse

My Lord of Divine Feet" thus saying

As Mountain King's daughter incarnate

Sakti performed penances severe;

For all celestial beings to witness,

For all earthly beings to delight,

In adoration intense to Primal Lord Divine.

348. திரிகின்ற முப்புரஞ் செற்ற பிரானை
அரியனென் றெண்ணி அயர்வுற வேண்டா
புரிவுடை யாளர்க்குப் பொய்யலன் ஈசன்
பரிவொடு நின்று பரிசறி வானே


348: The Lord is not Beyond Reach
Mighty is the Lord
The Flying Fortess He destroyed.
Thus despair not
That He is your reach beyond;
Sure is the Lord to seekers true
In them He abideth, Grace abounding.

349. ஆழி வலங்கொண் டயன்மால் இருவரும்
ஊழி வலஞ்செய்ய ஒண்சுட ராதியும்
ஆழி கொடுத்தனன் அச்சுதற்க் கவ்வழி
வாழி பிரமற்கும் வாள்கொடுத் தானே
வாழிப் பிரமற்கும்


349: The Lord Blessed Aya and Mal
The Lord is the Primal One,
He is the Light Effulgent;
Seeking Him they went--Aya and Mal
Girdling the boundless oceans
And across the endless aeons;
And to Atchutha He granted the Disc Divine
And to Brahma, Jnana's Sword Eternal.

349. Notes. Brahma, the creator, and Vishnu, the preserver, at one time contending for cosmic supremacy, battled indecisively around the sea-girt globe at numerous points for a countless number of years. Finally, Siva stood as a limitless Pillar of Flame in between them. Tired, they made a truce and agreed that he who would first behold either the peak or the base of the fire pillar was to be regarded as supreme. Vishnu took the form of a boar and burrowed deep into earth’s bottom. Brahma assumed the form of a hamsa bird (swan) and flew up high in the heavens. But neither saw either end of the fiery pillar. They realised their folly and worshipped Siva as supreme. Thereupon Siva blessed Vishnu with the chakra (discus), and Brahma with the sword (jnana).

350. தாங்கி இருபது தோளுந் தடவரை
ஓங்க எடுத்தவன் ஒப்பில் பெருவலி
ஆங்கு நொ஢த்தம ராவென் றழைத்தபின்
நீங்கா அருள்செய்தான் நின்மலன் தானே 

350: Lord Blessed Ravana
Of peerless in might and shoulder twenty
Ravana the Giant lifted lofty mount Kailas;
With toe down, the Lord but gently pressed
And lo! the Giant screamed: "Lord Eternal."

350. Comment. The ten-headed giant Ravana, filled with great conceit over his might and prowess, put his 20 shoulders to Mount Kailas, the seat of Siva, in an atttempt to lift it. Siva gently pressed His toe, and lo, the giant writhing in pain cried “Oh, My Lord, You are immortal!” Thereupon Ravana played on his veena and evoked repentant melodies from the Sama Veda in adoration of the Lord. The Lord released him from under the weight of the mountain and blessed him.

351. உறுவது அறிதண்டி ஒண்மணற் கூட்டி
அறுவகை ஆன்ஐந்தும் ஆட்டத்தன் தாதை
செறுவகை செய்து சிதைப்ப முனிந்து
மறுமழு வால்வெட்டி மாலைபெற் றானே

351: The Lord Blessed Chandeswara
Dandi, that knew the way of Hereafter
Heaped sands into linga shape
And poured on it in adoration
The five products of his herd of cows;
His father seeing beat the boy
And kicked his fond image off;
Dandi flew into a blind rage
And smote the parent's leg with sword;
And lo! the Lord
Bedecked Dandi with His own garland of flowers forever to sport.

352. ஓடிவந் தெல்லாம் ஒருங்கிய தேவர்கள்
வாடி முகமும் வருத்தத்துத் தாஞ்சென்று
நாடி இறைவா நமேன்று கும்பிட
ஈடில் புகழோன் எழுகவென் றானே.


352: The Lord is the Refuge of the Heavenly Beings too
Faces drawn in care
Hearts stricken with grief
The Devas together rushed and cried;
"Lord! we bow to You"
And thus they prayed, prostrating low;
And He of Renown unsurpassed said;
"Arise, fear not."

Comment 352. Dandi was a brahmin boy who herded the cows of his village. Filled with intense devotion for Siva, Dandi would make Ungarn images out of sand from the river bed, milk the cows and offer the five products of cows to the Ungarn in worship. The matter reached the ears of his father who, incensed at the way the precious milk and other products of the cows were being wasted by his son, knocked the sand-made Ungarn with a blow from his leg. Such was Dandi's devotion to Siva, that he was unable to contain the insult and smote the parent's offending leg with a stroke of the sword. Siva appeared on the scene, and blessed Dandi, bestowing His own garland on him. Seeing Dandi's father lying dead, the celestials appealed to Siva, who revived the parent.