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                                                    Reported by by  Arushi Kapoor 10 February, 2016

                                                                                               Tranalation from Tamil: Veeraswamy Krishnaraj


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Here is a real-life story of Auto Riksha driver Ravichandran, who saved an out-of-towner from Calcutta cum a passenger Sankardas. Das had heart attack. Took him from hospital to hospital. Used his Auto as Collateral to pay for Das's Pacemaker. Stayed with him in hospital for 20 days. Bid him goodbye with no spoken words.

Man’s love, kindness and goodness to a fellow man come in the name of Auto Ravi.

Ravichandran never attended school and won’t take refuge from the rain in a school. He drives an auto for a living for the past 25 years. He lives in a rented house with his wife and two daughters in the Old Vaṇṇārappēttai.
He learnt from the passengers from all over India smatterings of Hindi, Telugu, Malaiyalam… Because of what he did, he earned a place in the collective hearts of people. 
Sankar Das (52) from Calcutta came to Chennai on a job-related matter. He took Ravi’s Auto at Cheppak.
Sankar Das did not speak Tamil. He was giving directions to Ravi in Hindi. Suddenly his speech slurred, his vision dimmed, he was sweating profusely, lost his consciousness and slumped on the shoulder of Ravi. 
Recognizing his physical condition and with no hesitation, he took him to a nearby private hospital. The examining doctor said that the passenger had a heart attack and asked him to take him to Royapetta Government General Hospital. 
There were no specialists in the hospital and therefore the hospital asked him to take him to Rajiv Gandhi Hospital by ambulance.

Ravi the auto driver left his auto there and accompanied Sankar Das to the former Government General Hospital attached to Madras Medical College. The patient vomited on Ravi’s body and hands. 
The outpatient doctors declared a five-minute delay would have cost his life, though his life is precarious. The doctors said that Das needed a pacemaker, which had to be bought immediately outside and any delay meant loss of life. 
Ravi took the cellphone from Sankar Das’s pocket and contacted his family. He learnt, Das had no money even for a rail ticket and they were desperately poor.

He used his Auto Certificate of Registration as collateral and borrowed Rs. 30,000. He borrowed Rs. 27,000 from his friend. He gave Rs. 57K to the doctors and told them that Tamil Nadu should not earn a bad name because someone came and died here in the hospital lacking financial support. Ravi said to the doctors he could raise only Rs. 57K. 
The doctors said to him, “You are fidgety and nervous and mortgaged your Auto for this man. Is he your relation or acquaintance?” Ravi said, “No such thing. He was my passenger. He leaned on my shoulder and asked for help. That is all.” The doctors were surprised and made contributions to buy the pacemaker and successfully completed the operation. 
Ten days were gone. Ravi stayed with Das by his bedside and helped Das with the rehabilitation protocols, meals, medications…
Ravi took care of Das in the daylight hours. He plied his Auto in the night and gave the earnings to his family. He went from hotel to hotel looking for prescribed non-spicy foods for Das.
After 20 days of giving personal care to Sankaradas, a person unknown to him until his ride in his Auto, the doctors discharged him from the hospital. Ravi took him to three temples after discharge because Ravi prayed at those temples for his recovery. 
When Ravi sent him off to Calcutta, Sankaradas uttered not one word. Das embraced Ravi and cried with tears rolling down his face. There was no need for a talk. The lofty language of love spoke. 
With Mohamed Ibramsha and Mohammed Sulthan