-Sakthi Vikatan 31 Mar, 2015

Did We Understand the Fundamentals?

Author P.N.Parasuraman

A millionaire wanted to erect a five-story building.  He signed the papers with six contractors.

The builder-owner had one contractor for the foundation and one each for the five floors.

Puja day was arranged. Only five contractors showed up. The foundation contractor did not show up. Should he forego the Bhūmi Pūja because of his absence? The millionaire performed the Bhūmi Pūja. As soon as it was over, the owner urged the workers to start construction.

The attending five contractors to their surprise looked at one another. They chorused, “The foundation contractor is not here. How can we build without the foundation?

The millionaire laughed and urged them to go ahead building the five floors.

The millionaire: “What are you talking about?  The foundation is not visible. It is under the ground level.  When the contractor builds the foundation, we will see… In the meantime, finish building the five floors.”

All the listeners gave out a laughter. Are we not laughing?

 The superstructure without foundation will not stand. God gave the millionaire wealth but not the brains. Alas, it is a pity!

Hereinbelow, this is not a story. We are that misguided millionaire.

Not knowing the fundamental principles, we wander everywhere and never grasped what we must know.

Who are we? Soul or body? How do they come together? Why did we take birth? All these questions should appear in our mind. But it appeared in the mind of a disciple. He poses questions and the Gurunāthar answers. Let us follow them.

Gurunāthar in his answers described the creation of the world and the help Muktas (the liberated) receive for liberation. Some suffer from obscuration (= concealment = மறைப்பு) by which they do not realize virtue and knowingly suppress clarity.

Maṛaippu (= மறைப்பு = obscuration or concealment) is not a wall or obstruction. Let us assume we know everything. We know right and wrong.

If that is so, we should all be well. But it is not so.

We know daily happenings from the newspapers and TV. There is furor and lack of peace and tranquillity.

Knowing the right and the wrong, what are the causes for loss of tranquility, and suffering of distress?

There is nothing else! We function under the premise that the good is bad and the bad is good. This is ‘Maaippu’ or obscuration. Gurunāthar says this obscuration is vicious. In addition, he mentions something else.

Verse 47 Navanītham.

Gurunāthar asserts that obscuration is vicious. Mentioning day and night, is night as helpful as the day? It appears we have vague understanding of what the Guru says.

During day, there is sunlight. We go places, see people, do things and make a living. It appears the conveniences of daytime is unavailable in the night.

But…if we are to comprehend the purport of day and night, we must consult Gita.

Will continue.

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