Published:15 Jun 2020 8 PMUpdated:15 Jun 2020 8 PM
Author: Sailapathi (சைலபதி)


1. Tiruppattur Greatness!

2. Tiruppattur is the incomparable sacred site where the Sivachariars receive grace and compassion. 

3. He is the God of grace for the Agamic Pandits, says Bhaskara Gurukkal. He further elaborates on this topic.  

4. Having learned the Vedas, enunciating them accurately in God's Sannidhi and augmenting the Sakthi of the Temple, the Sivachariars are dutybound to enhancing God's Sanithyam (சாந்நித்தியம் = the Holy Presence).  Tiruppattur Sri Brahmapurisvarar and Sri Kasivisvanathar extend their grace to the Sivachariars, their families, and their progeny to live long with an abundance of moral values.

5. It is adequate just once in the lives of the worldwide sacerdotal Sivachariars, Archakars, and Gurukkals to visit this Temple and receive Darsan to their eyeful of Sri Kasi Visvanathar and Sri Brahma Purisvarar. Their inside and outside selves gain a new glow. It is a certainty that their progeny will live with wealth and distinction

6. This Tiruppattur's splendid Temple, celebrated by Sivanadiyars (Servitors of Siva) and granting grace to the Sivachariars, claims a multitude of grandeurs.

7.  The Temple is a merited piece of land where perpetual sounds of Vedas fill the air and resonate

8. Subjected Siva's curse, losing his perch and gaining his high station back, Sri Brahma abides in his Sannidhi, extends his grace, and dispenses his compassion to the devotees.  Siva ordained that Sri Brahma will erase the ill fate of his (Siva's) devotees if present, and dispense grace.  According to the ordainment of Siva, Sri Brahma changes, remedies the scripted ill fate, and grants grace to all God-loving pilgrims. This holy site is unique. Going to Tirupati changes life for the better. Likewise, going to and returning from Tiruppattur, certainty is the fact that life finds auspicious advances. Adiyars  (Servitors of God) swear by this premise.

Sri Kasi Visvanathar

9. One close-knit group states because Sri Kasi Visvanathar and Sri Visalakshi are deities in one abode, this Temple is equal to the Kasi Temple.

10. Yes, the tradition is that the Ganges water had confluence with the Vyagrapathar-created pond in the temple site. Baskara Gurukkal declares the pond near the Kasi Visvanathar temple in Tiruppattur is equal to the Ganges.

11. Just not Vyagrapathar alone! Pathanjali Muni too. The latter worshipped at this Temple. Let us explore the connection between this Muni and the Temple.

12. Maha Purushar Vyagrapathar's birth is for the express purpose of Puja of Sivaperuman and bringing to the world the awareness of the greatness of Siva Puja. Maha Purushar Vyagrapathar's natal name is Mazhan.

Sri Brahma Purisvarar

13. Vyagrapathar being the Siva Baktha, told his father, "I want to perform Tapas." His father informed him, "Tapas brings you access to heaven. But pure devotional Siva Puja will help you get  Siva Darsan (Seeing Siva in person) and attain liberation." Mazhan, from that moment, gave up awareness of the world and undertook to perform Siva Puja. 

14. Mazhan, early in the morning, collected the flowers (before the contamination with the footfall of the honeybees) from the garden chanting the Siva Namam and dedicated them to Sivanar. 

15. Mazhan realized his feet slipped on the dew-laden tree branches early in the morning, while he collected the Bilva leaves and the flowers. He supplicated to Siva to bless him with tiger paws to climb the trees without a slip to collect Bilva leaves and flowers.


Sri Brahma

16. Siva had his ears cocked to listen to Vygrapathar. "So be it," said Siva and granted his wish, grace, and compassion.

17. Since Mazhan dedicated his life to Siva Puja and obtained the tiger paws, his eponymous name was Vyagrapathar (Tiger-foot). Vyagrapathar, having gone to worship at all the Siva Temple, came to Tiruppattur. We must admit that it is our Punniya Palan (Fruit of our merits).

18. Vyagrapathar, on his arrival, consecrated the Sivalingam and worshipped the idol according to injunctions. Under these conditions, Devendran, the chief of gods in Indraloka, arrived at Tiruvanaikkaval and performed Puja of Jambhukesvarar, bringing the Ganges water daily.

19. One day Vygrapathar witnessed Indra on his flight path in the sky carrying a vessel with Ganges water.

20. Siva servitors desired to perform Siva Puja with whatever that is most precious and auspicious in the world. Vyagrapathar thought he should also use Ganges water for Abhisekam (ritual ablution) of the Lingam. Vyagrapathar sought some Ganges water for his use on the idol, from Indra. Indra momentarily absent-minded of the True Knowledge of Isan's omnipresence, refused to give Vyagrapathar some Ganges water. 

21. The eyes of Vyagrapathar reddened. To bless Indra with Spiritual Wisdom, Vyagrapathar, with his tiger foot, plowed up some earth and threw it on him.

22. That gave it the eponym Pulipaichi Tirtham (Tiger-enabled waterflood). Even today, an aerial photo of the reservoir appears like the paw of the tiger.

23. Tiruppatur morphed into Kasi with the establishment of Kasi Visvanathar and the Ganga waters. Since then, Vyagrapathar did not leave Tiruppattur. He performed Siva Puja, and later Pathanjali joined him.

24. The Sreshtars (Learned and virtuous Servitors) having witnessed the Ecstatic Dance of Siva, determined to spend the rest of their lives in the Tiruppattur Temple.

25. The sight of Mahans cast on people is exceptional. Their footfall is doubly special. If they stay there, there is no way to describe the greatness of the ground. Vyagrapathar worshipping Kasi Visvanathar and Pathanjali Muni worshipping Brahma Purisvarar in their gross bodily form eventually merged with the Grace of God.

26. Both are in this Temple. To this day, both remain in their subtle form and worship Esan, according to tradition.

27. Vyagrapathar replete with paternal love grants fulfillment of desires of those seeking his boons and grace. Vyagrapathar's abode exists in Tiruppattur Kasi Visvanathar's sacred Temple. Besides worshipping Ammai-Appan (Mother and Father = Sakthi and Siva), the devotees must sit down in the abode of Vyagrapathar and meditate on him for a while. 

28. The supplications in this Sannidhi find complete fulfillment. Notably, mental fear leaves. Boldness comes to life. Inscrutable wisdom becomes knowable. All boons become fruitful. For the worshippers, the dreaded word 'No" disappears.

28. In Tiruppidavur in Tiruppattur, before worshipping Brahma Purisvarar, the pilgrim should pay homage to the  Graceful Kasi Visvanathar, Visalakshi Ammai, and Vyagrapathar. That is the tradition. Later, one should pay tribute to and worship the skull-script-altering Brahmapurisvarar and the subtle form of Siva-worshipping Pathanjali Muni: that is the tradition.

29. In Kaliyuga, we need Siva's grace to change Brahma's script on the skull (The suture lines on the skull are the script written by Brahma. Fate or destiny). Siva's grace is easily obtainable by praying to the Mahans, who were the servitors of Siva. Let us go to Tiruppatur, the abode of the two Munis, and get rid of the karmic deeds.

Milk Reservoirs!

30. The deities are ecstatic because of milk ablution. In many temple sites, there are milk ocean, milk well, milk lake, and milk spring. Sthala Puranas say Kamadhenu, Kapila, and the other divine cows have established milk reservoirs. Such reservoirs are found near Chidambaram and at Tirugurukavur Velvidainathar Temple.