Murugan Discharged the Debt of a Muslim Devotee

Posted Date : 19:05 (03/04/2017)  Sakti Vikatan

Last updated : 19:05 (03/04/2017)

Tirucchendur Murugan paid down the debt of an Islamic devotee!

Disorder is part of life. People say, there is no such thing in religious paths. Many events in India exemplified Hindu-Muslim Amity.  Let us see the wonder worked by Tirucchendur Murugan.

The seaside Tirucchendur Murugan Temple, wherein the roaring ocean waves of Bay of Bengal constantly crash on the shore, is a holy site worthy of at least one visit not only by the local Tamils but also by the worldwide Tamil diaspora. This is where Murugan slayed the demon Sūrapadman. The Sūrasamhara festival’s eventful history is full of excitement. This holy site goes by several names: Jayantipuram, Kapadāpuram, Tirucchendil, Alaivāy, and Kanthamāthana mountain.

Kālan Kudiyiruppu is part of Tirucchendur, where there was a Muslim majority.  Mīrāk Kaṇṇu the poet lived among them.  His poetical excellence was hobbled by a life of privation.  Since his penury caused so much misery in daily life, he borrowed money from a moneylender-merchant in Madurai.


He did not pay down the debt in time and the interest accrued many times (far exceeding the principal). The lender put inordinate pressure on the poet because he did not meet his debt obligation.  Mīrāk Kaṇṇu could not discharge his debt.  The lender sent his peons to deliver the arrest warrant.
A peon brought the message to him in the evening. M
īrāk Kaṇṇu spent a sleepless night, meditated on Tirucchendur Murugan, sang panegyrical poems and melted with love and devotion to Murugan.


He overslept next morning from fatigue and lack of sleep all night long. Murugapperuman appeared in his dream and disappeared after saying, “Tomorrow we will discharge your debt inclusive of principal and interest.”

Senthil Velan (Murugan) appeared in the dream of the peon and disappeared after telling, “After Darśan and temple services are finished, our money will reach your hands.”

Senthilāndavar (Murugan) appeared in the dream of Mūppaṉār, the ruling king of Kulasekara Pattaam, part of Senthūr and said to him, “My devotee Mīrāk Kaṇṇu is in debt difficulty. Tomorrow morning, open the Shaṇmugavilās Hundi (Collection Box), give all of the collected money to Mīrāk Kaṇṇu and help him discharge his debt.”

As the dawn blossomed, Poet Mīrāk Kaṇṇu and the peon arrived at the Tirucchendur temple. The king was waiting for them. All three had mutual introductions.

The events turned out to the satisfaction of all to the letter as in the dreams of the threesome. The wonder of it all is the amount in the Hundi was exactly what was owed to the lender-merchant by the penurious poet, neither a paisa more nor less. Tirucchendūr Ānava (Murugan) Senthilāṇḍavaṉ’s mercy made not only the threesome but also the other devotees in the temple melted with moist eyes.