Pranava Mantra
Kumudam Bakthi Special  Jan/8/2021  Facebook

Do you know who has the right to hold the Isvara title?

  1. Vignesvarar, Sanisvarar, Ravanesvarar and Chandikesvarar are the four with the Isvara title.  In addition, Murga Peruman of Sivanandhesvarar temple in Tiruppenuperundurai near Kumbhakonam has received the title of Pranavesvarar (Pranava + Isvarar).      

  2. Muruga Peruman instructed his father; the former earned the name Father's Swamy. Muruga Peruman was unhappy thinking about instructing his father on Pranava Mantra. To remove the unhappiness, Murugan performed consecration (Pradhishtai) and worship of Sivalingam in this temple and sought peace and tranquility. Siva Peruman appeared before Murugan, comforted distressed Murugan, told him there was no difference between the two, Murugan and Siva, and they were one.    

  3. Siva told Murugan, "you earned the name Pranavesvarar (Pranava + Isvarar). If one supplicates to Murugan in this temple, the stutterers will gain ease of speech and obtain comfort.