Published:01 Jun 2020 8 PMUpdated:01 Jun 2020 8 PM
Sakthi Vikatan Team
Author: R.R. Bhupathi, Kannivadi
1.The fish said, " O Nārada Muni! I am in distress from thirst for lack of water." ∞

2. Once Nāradar was down in the dumps. He tried to pull himself up from his depression but failed. Confused as to the cause of his depression, he approached and surrendered to Mahāviṣṇu. ∞

2. Mahāviṣṇu said to Nārada Muni, “I am always in ecstasy. I wish you were in the same state. For the amelioration of your depression, I advise you to go to Rishikesh. You will recover from your depression. ∞

3. Nāradar was on his way to Rishikesh. He took a dip in the Ganges River, and a fish came near him. Nāradar enquired, ''Dear fish, are you well?'' ∞

4. ''O Nārada Muni! I am depressed without water to quench my thirst.'' ∞

5. Hearing the fish, Nāradar emitted laughter. ∞

6. ''Stupid fish, you babble about thirst being in the water, and you are unhappy.'' ∞

7. The fish replied, ''You suffered distress remaining by the side of Viṣṇu Bhagavan. My distress is not surprising any more than yours.'' ∞

8. That answer by the fish cleared the cobwebs in his mind. Nāradar expressed his gratitude to the fish.
Nāradar realized the reason for his depression was the forgetfulness of his holy proximity to Bhagavan. The next moment, the fish gave Darsan to Nāradar as Mahāviṣṇu. ∞

9. Bhagavan safeguards his surrenderers, dispenses compassion and grace to his devotees, and takes the votaries under his dependent servitude by his Darsan. That is how Nāradar obtained relief from his depression and attained extreme happiness. ∞
Author: R.R. Bhupathi, Kannivadi