Published:19 Aug 2013 8 PMUpdated:19 Aug 2013 8 PM Sakthi Vikatan
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This is the essence of four Vedas. Author Wordsmith Balakumaran
1. Indra, a long time ago, became subject to a curse from Gautama Muni for his transgression. Later, he paid homage to and worshipped Cintamani Vinayakar and received absolution from the curse. Naradar said, "Let me tell the story."
2. Naradar: "Rukmangathā! You are an ordinary king. Though you led a virtuous life, fate conspired for you to receive this curse. Though you held firm on your virtue, you received this curse (for no fault of yours). Vinayakar rescued a virtueless person with planned misconduct, from a curse.
3. Once, I (Narada) sat in the court of Indra. The celestial women were dancing. My mind dwelled on the recitation of Narayana's name, not paying attention to the dance. Indra discovered my mind was elsewhere, while beautiful celestial women were dancing beautifully and engagingly. Indra said, "You are murmuring something. Don't these women attract your attention?"
4. I said to him, "I find them not beautiful." Indra sank in shock.
5. Indra: "What are you saying. You are telling that the Devaloka's (heavenly) women like Rambhai and Urvasi have no beauty. Where are women more beautiful than these?" I said, "They are on the earth."
6. Indra: "Where on earth are they? Indra had this weakness: He had a great desire to have and enjoy anything beautiful for himself. He had the passion for owning that which has utmost value and to experience all things beautiful.
7. It was apparent he wanted to know the beautiful woman. I (Naradar) thought I should teach him a lesson about what beauty is.
8. Naradar said to Indra. "Gautama's wife Akalikai was a great beauty. As he walks, the flowering plants bend their heads in shame. They do suffer confusion. The forest goes silent. The waters of the river change direction and come in her direction. The sun hides behind the clouds fearing direct fall of his rays on her. All pay their homage with humility, when they see her. She is the sum of the beauty of Tirumakal, Kalaimakal, and Alaimakal. She remained the Muni's wife, did all services to her husband in the best possible way, leading a life of self-restraint. That chastity changed her into a great beauty. She is the definition and epitome of beauty. One look at her is enough to know it."
9. Naradar: Indra showed confusion. I left him to suffer more confusion. He went to the Earth, located the Gautama Asramam, saw Akalikai from a distance, experienced tremulousness, reached the Asramam, and morphed himself as Gautama Muni. Some sounds emanated from inside the Asramam, and he hid in the dark. Gautama Muni came outside, looked up to the sky, and wondered what time it was and why he had disturbed sleep. He looked at the stars. Indra went a little distance and cried like a cock.
10. Gautama Muni: "Hā! The first call of the rooster? Good, let me go for a dip in the river." He was on his way to the river. Indra came out of the shade into the light and entered the hermitage in Muni's guise, having the sounded like the cock and sending the Muni to the riverside. Akalikai, surprised, got up from the bed.
11. Akalikai addressed Indra in the guise of her husband. "Why did you return suddenly? Did you finish bathing in the river?"
12. Indra in the guise of Muni: "No. I saw a beautiful lass taking a bath near the riverside, could not restrain myself, ran home looking for you, and have a desire to consort with you. Akalikai, in a state of confusion, said, "I never heard that before from you. Such a thing never happened before."
13. She complied with her husband's wishes. She made herself receptive to his embrace and consortium. Indra, as he performed intercourse in a hurry, uttered a litany of lust-laden words (dirty talk).
14. Akalikai felt uncomfortable listening to the dirty talk from Indra in the disguise of her husband. She said to Indra in disguise, "Who are you? My husband never told me such outrageous words. It is a good tradition to utter lofty words at our consortium. My husband never uttered such disgusting words during intercourse. But, you have been talking dirty ever since you came here. Tell me the truth. Who are you? Go, get out." Saying thus, Akalikai pushed him out.
15. Indra stood up, revealed his actual appearance, and thought Akalikai would be impressed, open her arms wide and invite him into her embrace.
16. Indra in his natural appearance: "I am Indra. Leaving Indrani, I came looking for you. You are more beautiful than she is. Come hither." He approached her. Perturbed, she ran out of the hermitage.
17. That was the time Gautama Muni entered the premises, moving the bamboo curtain. Addressing his wife Akalikai, he said, "water for washing the feet." She went inside. Indra was trembling. She brought the water. The Muni addressed her, "What happened? You came out and went inside. You took so long to bring water. I don't see Kumkum on your forehead. Your body does not have the fragrance. What happened? You look disheveled and messy. Why is your face so different. Tell me the truth."
18. She narrated to her husband what happened.
19. Gautama Muni: "What foolishness! Won't a wife know someone was not her husband? Don't you know the moves of your husband? Did I ever enter the hermitage without announcing my name? Should you not have suspected him entering like a thief? Not knowing the personal appearance of a woman, without tapping the door or announcing himself, a man should not enter a house. Though she was his wife, he should not do it. I kept that Dharma to this day. If someone moved the bamboo curtain, opened the door, and saw you in bed, you should have known he was not your husband but a maligner. Are you with no such apprehension? Are you a stone? Even a fallen tree can sprout. You are a mere stone. Go. Become a stone. Remain a stone." That was his curse, cast on his wife, Akalikai.
20. Akalikai fell at his feet and accepted his curse. She shed tears. Gautama Muni seeing her remorse and suffering, felt compassion.
21. Muni: "When Sri Ramachandramurthy comes this way with his brother, Visvamitra Muni will bring them here. Upon the fall of Rama's feet (on the rock), you will resume your original form. Until then, you will remain a senseless stone." Thus the Muni blessed her. Akalikai became a boulder.
22. Indra was inside the hut, fearful, and subdued. He morphed into a cat and tried to escape through a hole. Gautama's voice stopped him. "You are Indra, the chief of gods. We perform Argyam daily for you. We give you a portion of the sacrificial offerings. Why a person like you in such a lofty position do the vilest act? This act brought a disgrace to your dignity and status. You came here having a contemptible desire for a Yoni (genitals). Let your whole body become the Yoni. Receiving the curse, Indra was trembling and afraid.
23. Indra cried, saying, "Would there be a severer punishment in the world?" Not willing to show his face to anyone, Indra entered the stem of the lotus flower and stood holding on to the main root. The Devas world languished, not seeing Indra. The devas, inclusive of Brahma, searched for him. They understood what happened, fell at the feet of Gautama Muni, and begged him, "Without Indra, the Devalokam is tottering. Please reduce your anger and forgive his errant behavior. Please release him from your curse."

24. Gautama Muni grew compassionate and told them to instruct Indra Vinayaka Mantra, which Indra recited after taking a ritual immersion in the Kathambavanam lake. All the Yoni symbols on his body disappeared, and in their place, the eye symbols appeared. Since then, Indra has a thousand eye symbols on him. Kathamba Vana Vinayakar is very famous. Naradar stated, "Receive the Darsan of Cintamani Vinayakar and understand his highest Sakthi. Worship him and receive the fruits of your wishes. Cintamani Vinayakar has the greatest power."
25. Rukmangathan, the king afflicted with leprosy because of Muni's wife's curse, took immersion in the lake, recited the Mantra, and at once was free of his leprosy. He returned to his kingdom with great physical strength and mental acuity and ruled his kingdom. Naradar blessed the king Rukmangathan and left.
26. Naradar narrated the greatness of Cintamani Vinayakar and proved the importance of his Mantram. By this story, we understand Vinayakar can eradicate karma.