Published:25 Nov 2013 7 PMUpdated:25 Nov 2013 7 PM  Sakthi Vikatan
Author: Wordsmith Balakumaran
 1. Tiruvannamalai shone with splendor when Siva came to Tiruvannamalai as Siva's servitor. King Vallala sparkled with excitement and enquired, "Who has come to our town?" He asked the welcome committee to welcome the guest according to the protocol, came running to the entry gates, seeing Sivanadiyar, fell at his feet, holding his hand, took him to his palace, sat him, and cooled his legs.
2. The minions toweled his body, smeared his body with fragrance, and gave him coconut water, sweet drinks, and sweetmeats.
3. Seated on a majestic chair, Sivanar was joyous and blessed Vallala Maharajan
4. Siva, in the guise of Siva-servitor, said to the King, "I heard you do charity and for that reason came here. I find your country more impressive than I knew from others. Your philanthropy and grain donation make your country great, and you an exemplar of humanity. I wish you a long life."
5. The King was happy to receive blessings from Siva in the guise of Sivanadiyar. The King insisted to Sivanadiyar, "Ask me what you need. I will do it."
6. Sivanadiyar:" I have a want. I am hesitant to ask you."
7. The King: "I doubt you will ask me what I do not have. You ask me whatever is here in this country, and I am of the mind to offer it to you. I am willing and ready to offer my kingship to you.
8. Sivanadiyar: "Kingship! To me? None of that I need. What I ask you is ordinary. I am not sure whether I should beg the King for it."
9. The King: "It is my duty to give if it is within my power. Ask me without any hesitation."
10. Sivanadiyar: "I am peregrinating all over this Bharata Kandam. I walk night and day, do severe penance, close my eyes, delve deep into my soul, and sit in one place many days without food, drink, or sleep. That increases the heat in the body. My Jiva Sakthi congeals and gives me an affliction. I need a way to expel it from my body.
11. The King: "What modality."
12. Sivanadiyar: I need prostitutes. After I consort with and enjoy them, the heat will dissipate, and I could sleep well, then awaken fresh and eat well. My body will recover its old strength, and I will gain usual fervor."
13. The King: "That is all! For sure, I will make arrangements now. I will tell my minions to bring you the best among the harlots." The King ordered his underlings to do the same.
14. The King received the news that in Tiruvannamalai, the bookings in the whorehouses were full. No whore was willing to beak the contract. All the whores in town said, "The clients paid for their night visits. We cannot break the contract and the vow of service. No matter who contracted with the whore houses, they will receive our dutiful service. We cannot break our word. Please forgive us though it is the King's order." The King did not know, 'This must be the work of Siva himself to test me. His Bhuta Ganas in the guise of human beings booked all the prostitutes for the night."
15. What the whores said and did, appeared to the King as just. Therefore, the King did not press them into the promulgated compulsive service.
16. The King was wondering what to do. The night was well nigh approaching. Sivanadiyar was lying in wait, the King heard. The King was perplexed and regretted to have made such a promise.
17. The King had two wives: Vallamai and Challamai. Discovering his predicament, they worried. Challamai came to the King and said, "If you have no objection, I will remove your agony and suggest a way out of this. If you do not bring any prostitute, I will go as the whore-designate to Sivanadiyar. I will stay with him this night. I will calm him down. Don't worry about it. You must approve this whole-heartedly." She opposed her palms and asked the King's permission.
18. The King: "You are my lifeblood. I was unhappy to have given the promise and unable to fulfill it to the Sivanadiyar. At this juncture, you came forward to help me. I am happy. You have my permission. Come along with me." The King took her to Sivanadiyar.
19. The King: "Here is the most beautiful girl in this country. She will rapture you tonight. I take leave."
20. Challamai: "Let me beautify myself. Permit me to return soon." Receiving Sivanadiyar's permission, she rushed to her private quarters. She took a bath, smeared herself with fragrances, donned herself with silk clothes, applied Tilakam on her forehead, beautified herself, and arrived at Sivanadiyar's place.
21. Sivanadiyar was in a deep sleep. Chellamai fanned him and massaged his feet well. The night was nigh; she tried to wake him up. He never woke up, and she sprinkled water on his face. It did not work. He did not wake up.
22. 'What to do now? Only if the Sivanadiyar wakes up, Chellamai would be able to fulfill her husband's promise. Thinking in those lines, she embraced the Sivanadiyar, kissed him in the cheeks, and found him turn into a tender baby to her shock and awe. She picked up and hugged the baby.
23. This must be some illusion. He claimed to be a Siva servitor. He must instead be Siva himself. She sent an attendant to fetch the King. who came running, saw the baby, picked up, and hugged him.
24. The King: "To fulfill my hopes, you came as my son. Welcome home, son. He called the senior wife and put the baby in her lap. All three were ecstatic and understood Siva himself came to test them, and in the end, Siva himself became their son.
25. Suddenly, the baby disappeared, dropping them in the abyss of sorrow. They sobbed saying, why he disappeared.
26. Sivanar, taking pity, appeared before them.
27. For my family to thrive for generations, I need a baby. That is my supplication.
28. Siva: "We took birth as your son. Your wife became my mother, and you picked up and hugged me. Therefore, Vallala! have no despair. Your kingdom will thrive under your son's rule and through many generations to come. Do not worry about your kingdom. "
29. Siva: "Since I took birth as your son, I will have the privilege to perform posthumous (pitru) rites for you. You will merge with me and, therefore, will carry no burden of dead man's debt. To announce your greatness for ages, I will perform the yearly posthumous rituals on the lakeside. "
30. Vallala Maharajan attained the highest state that no one reached. God himself performed Tarpanam (Libations of water to gods, Ṛṣis, and manes) to quench the King's thirst even to this day. Narada's thought and grace took the King to this loftiest position. His efforts made him great.
31. It is just enough to be good and virtuous. Munis, Yogis, the Tapasvins, and Devas will come near and elevate him to a higher station and spread his fame worldwide.