Panchatantra Stories  
பஞ்சதந்திரம் pañca-tantiram , n. pañcan +. The Tamil version of Pañca-tantra consisting of five books, viz., mittira-pētam, cukirl- lāpam, canti-vikkirakam, artta-nācam, acampirēṭciya-kārittuvam; மித்திரபேதம், சுகிர்ல்லாபம், சந்திவிக்கிரகம், அர்த்தநாசம், அசம்பிரேட்சியகாரித்து வம் என ஐம்பகுதியுடையதாய்த் தமிழில் மொழிபெயர்க் கப்பட்ட நூல்.
1. மித்திரபேதம் = mittira-pētam = Sowing discord among friends.
2. சுகிர்ல்லாபம் = cukir-l-lāpam = the acquisition of friends.
3. சந்திவிக்கிரகம் canti-vikkirakam  = Associating with a foe with a view to ruin him.
4. அர்த்தநாசம் artta-nācam  = Loss of wealth.
5. அசம்பிரேட்சியகாரித்துவம் a-campirēṭciya-kārittuvam , n. a-sam-prēkṣya-kāri-tva. Action without forethought.
Inspiration: N.Natchiyappan
 1. A merchant lived in a town. He was old, with lean muscles, wrinkled skin, a trembling body, and a squint eye. His wife was as beautiful as Rathi never loved him or got close to him. The old man, not knowing how to get her love remained sad.

2. A thief came to his house in the dead of night, bearing a knife and posing a fearsome appearance. Seeing the thief, the woman ran and caught hold of her husband for protection.

3. When she held, the old man became ecstatic and addressed the thief, "Appā! You did a wonderful job. You made my wife embrace me, which she never did in her life. I cannot forget your help ever."

4. The old man: "Here is the key for the lockbox. Take as much as you want of the money. "

5. After hearing this, the thief's mind changed. The fact he brought the husband and wife together made him happy. That your wife joined you is, for me, like getting riches. I do not need your money. It is enough that both remain close together and happy. If she does not love you anymore and keeps herself away from you, I will make another visit."

6. Fearing that the thief will visit again, she remained close to him from that day forwards and led a happy life with her old husband.