Panchatantra Stories  
பஞ்சதந்திரம் pañca-tantiram , n. pañcan +. The Tamil version of Pañca-tantra consisting of five books, viz., mittira-pētam, cukirl- lāpam, canti-vikkirakam, artta-nācam, acampirēṭciya-kārittuvam; மித்திரபேதம், சுகிர்ல்லாபம், சந்திவிக்கிரகம், அர்த்தநாசம், அசம்பிரேட்சியகாரித்து வம் என ஐம்பகுதியுடையதாய்த் தமிழில் மொழிபெயர்க் கப்பட்ட நூல்.
1. மித்திரபேதம் = mittira-pētam = Sowing discord among friends.
2. சுகிர்ல்லாபம் = cukir-l-lāpam = the acquisition of friends.
3. சந்திவிக்கிரகம் canti-vikkirakam  = Associating with a foe with a view to ruin him.
4. அர்த்தநாசம் artta-nācam  = Loss of wealth.
5. அசம்பிரேட்சியகாரித்துவம் a-campirēṭciya-kārittuvam , n. a-sam-prēkṣya-kāri-tva. Action without forethought.
Inspiration: N.Natchiyappan
1. A Brahmana had a cow in the shed behind his house. During the night, a cow thief was on his way to steal the cow; an Arakkan (demon, ogre) intercepted him and questioned him, "Who are you?" The thief asked the Arakkan, "Who are you?"

2. The demon answered, "I am Brahmarakshasan; the onlookers from all eight directions fear and tremble at my sight.

3. The thief: "I am the thief, who bores a hole in the compound wall of the rich people's home and rob them."

4. The ogre: "What plan do you have for tonight?"

5. The thief: "Tell me first what your plan is for tonight?"

6. The demon: "I intend to eat the body of the Vethian."

7. The thief: "I am on my way to steal his cow."

8. The ogre: "If that is so, let us go together." Both showed up at the front door.

9. Arakkan looking at the thief, said, "I will go first, eat the Brahmana and return here."

10. The thief said, "Let me untie the cow and lead it out of the cowshed."

11. Arakkan: "if the Vethian hears any sound of the cow, he will wake up, and I will not be able to eat him."

12. The thief: "If we dawdle around like this, somebody will wake up, and I will not be able to steal the cow."

13. Both were jockeying up for the first place, and the dispute escalated. Th sound of their fight woke up the Brahmana. He woke up his children, showed up at the front door, and opened it.

14. The thief fingered the Arakkan and said, "He is here to kill you."

15. The ogre said, "Ayya, this thief is here to steal your cow."

16. After hearing the Arakkan and the thief, the Brahmana with the children by his side, said to them, "Your intentions are impossible to carry out. You should not go back empty-handed. I will give you something." The Brahmana gave them objects as gifts and sent them away.

17. They applauded the generosity of the Vethian and became thick friends with him.

18. If you show love and consideration to the enemies, they will become friends.