Panchatantra Stories  
பஞ்சதந்திரம் pañca-tantiram , n. pañcan +. The Tamil version of Pañca-tantra consisting of five books, viz., mittira-pētam, cukirl- lāpam, canti-vikkirakam, artta-nācam, acampirēṭciya-kārittuvam; மித்திரபேதம், சுகிர்ல்லாபம், சந்திவிக்கிரகம், அர்த்தநாசம், அசம்பிரேட்சியகாரித்து வம் என ஐம்பகுதியுடையதாய்த் தமிழில் மொழிபெயர்க் கப்பட்ட நூல்.
1. மித்திரபேதம் = mittira-pētam = Sowing discord among friends.
2. சுகிர்ல்லாபம் = cukir-l-lāpam = the acquisition of friends.
3. சந்திவிக்கிரகம் canti-vikkirakam  = Associating with a foe with a view to ruin him.
4. அர்த்தநாசம் artta-nācam  = Loss of wealth.
5. அசம்பிரேட்சியகாரித்துவம் a-campirēṭciya-kārittuvam , n. a-sam-prēkṣya-kāri-tva. Action without forethought.
Inspiration: N.Natchiyappan 

1.   A young man had to go to a town because of his duties as a teacher. He went to his mother's house to take leave of her before his trip. His mother told him to take a companion with him on his trip. The youth said, "I have no companion to go with me." 


  2. His mother caught a crab, put it in a pot, gave it to him, and said, "Here is your companion for your trip." 


  3. On his way, he had to stop under the cool shade of a tree because of travel fatigue. 


  4. He kept his pot with the crab by his side and went to sleep. Then, a poisonous snake came to bite him. 


  5. The crab that moved out of the pot saw the poisonous snake. The crab went for the snake and killed the snake with its claws. 


  6. The youth got up from his sleep and felt shocked to see a dead snake by his side. He surmised correctly that the crab killed the snake. 


7. He said to himself that because he listened to his mother's advice, he lived. He thought about his dear mother with gratitude.