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சேஷாத்ரிநாத சாஸ்திரிகள்   Śeṣādrinātha Śāstrigaḷ
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ஆதியும் அந்தமும் - 6 - மறை சொல்லும் மகிமைகள்
உலகம் செழிக்கட்டும்! Let the world prosper
1. Today, (June 17, 2019) the rain failed us, and the water scarcity is haunting us. Everyone laments and becomes anxious but do not find the cause, perform the expiatory ceremony, and say goodbye to the drought.
2. Someone observed people are good, though Nature’s fury comes with full force.
3. The unintended mistakes, mischief, violence, false sycophancy, abnormal behaviors, and a lack of public service cause Nature to get enraged, withhold rains and cause untold miseries to humanity and other life forms.
4. Yes! Adharmic acts of human beings precipitate Nature’s wrath. Do you know how this comes about?
5. First, the air becomes foul by losing its moisture. When the dirty air dissolves in the water, the water becomes foul. The filthy water makes the earth foul. The filth depletes the earth’s fertility and life-power. The soil becomes polluted. The vegetables, greens, and fruits growing in the contaminated soil carry the pollution in them. That contamination from eating those polluted vegetables and fruits afflicts humanity and alters their brain, the mind, and the thinking resulting in scrambled thoughts, and instigating harmful acts in the world.
6. These adharmic deeds of humanity precipitate a chain reaction and cause all this damage. The remediation for this is for people to perform Dharmic acts. The Vedas expound the Dharma. Not understanding this simple truth, the dimwits and clods call Vedas, inane.
7. The nitwits cannot suppress this world with their imperfect and limited knowledge (சிற்றறிவு = ciṟṟaṟivu) . Men cannot merely by his Buddhi (intellect, Intuitive faculty) accomplish all. Accepting all that occur in the Vedas and following them with faith, and humanity can get all its wishes.
8. Vedas were in the forefront to reveal all in them. All other revelations had their origin in the Vedas, which shaped their thinking. Thinking is the process, thought is the product, and Viṣayam is the subject. These subject matters are in the Vedas. Therefore, man thought about the Viṣayam in the Vedas.
9. Vedas elaborate on Theism and Atheism. Good people and bad people exist. No subject not in the Vedas is not in other texts. Vedas are not merely about  performing Yāgas, Pujas, and Tapas. All that is science is in them. They elaborate on all aspects of rain, Nature’s opulences, the working of the universe, the code of conduct for humanity. The advisories they offer to us are indicators to a virtuous path.
10. Let me bring a subject to your attention.
11. When there is flooding with miseries in its wake, humanity cannot prevent it. We cannot prevent or stop the earthquakes. We cannot prevent storms. Man cannot stop a heatwave. All of these are true.
12. The cause for all these is Adharmic deeds of humanity. If we hope to get past these calamities and come to a merciful state, we should perform ‘Kārīra Istti’ Yāgam. By that Yāgam, rains will come, and this world will prosper.
13. An observer expressed his frustration by saying, “I performed Kārīra Istti’ Homam from morning to evening, but the rains never came.”
14. Do you know what the Vedam says?  
15. One should continue the Homam until it rains, no matter how long it takes and once the rains come, one can stop the Homam: That is what the Vedas say.
16. One should take medicine until it cures the cures disease. Likewise, the Homam should continue until the rains come.
17. Let us offer prayer and homage to Veda-Māthā, invite qualified elders to perform the Yāgam and offer them grains and gifts for their service. Because of it, we will get happiness and bliss. Let us all join and do the Homam. Because of it, we will have the rain and make all life forms happy. That happiness will earn us great merits.
18. Because our ancestors, performing the Homam, obtained its benefits, they wrote it down in the Vedas. Let us put complete faith in it and arrange for Kārīra Istti Homam.

- தொடரும்...
Will continue.
மகாமகோபாத்யாய சேஷாத்ரிநாத சாஸ்திரிகள்
ஸ்ரீவேங்கடேச ராமாயணம்
Sri Venkatesa Ramayanam

The notable among Puranas is Brahmanda Puranam. In it, the great Sri Venkatesa Sahasranamam Stotram occurs. In Tirupati’s Sanctum Sanctorum of the Lord of the seven hills, the recitation takes place during daily Ārāthanai.

1. These Stotras consisting of 183 Slokas, speak of the greatness of Tirumal’s 10 Avatars. Fourteen Slokas are dedicated to Rama Avatāram under the heading, ‘Srivenkatesa Ramayanam.’ By the daily recitation of the latter, we can obtain the benefit equal to reciting the whole Ramayana.
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