Published:01 Jul 2019 8 PMUpdated:01 Jul 2019 8 PM Sakthi Vikatan
ஆதியும் அந்தமும் - 7 - மறை சொல்லும் மகிமைகள்
The beginning and the end – 7 – The Grandeur of Sayings in Vedas
சேஷாத்ரிநாத சாஸ்திரிகள் Śeṣādrinātha Śāstrigaḷ
ஓவியம்: மாருதி Images: Maruthi
1. Countless societies, languages, and cultures grace this world. We did create them. Wherefrom did the language come? No one can claim to be the founder of a language.
2. Sound exists as a subtle form in the Ether. That sound became the language. When grapheme represents the sounds, language came into being. Sastras say, “Sabda Guṇam Ākāsa.’ If there is no Ākāsa (Ether), the sound goes unheard by the ears. It is like talking from inside a sound-proof booth. No one outside can hear him.
3. Ether pervades all the worlds. We live in the Ether. We sit, stand, and move in Ether. All objects are in Ether, including the house we live in. Ākāśam or Ether is everywhere.
5. There is a puranic story about the origin of Sabda or sound.
6. Siva Peruman has a drum that makes sounds. The cloth ball tied to the waist of the hourglass drum, moves upon shaking, hit the drum on both sides and makes sounds. Nataraja dances and plays the hourglass drum, as the world revolves. If he stops dancing, the world will fall off. Natarajar dances to protect the world. The dance and drumbeat are not for our entertainment but for protecting us.
7. When Lord Nataraja dances, he shakes the hourglass drum 14 times to produce 14 kinds of sounds. From the first beat, emerged the sounds, ‘a-i-uṇ.’ The next sound heard was, ‘ruluk.’ The following 14 sounds emerged from the drum: ‘E-ōng; ai-auch; hayavart; laṇ; ñṇanam; jjapañ; kadatha sh; japakadathach; ka-pa-sa-ta-tha sadathv; kapay; sashaSr; hal. This is the Mākēsvara Sūthiram. The sounds came from Mākēsvaraṉ and not with him.
8. He sounds his drum in the Ether. Even today, the sound waves are pervasive. What one says in the American Broadcast spread as sound waves. When we tune in properly and capture the sound waves, we can hear it from here. Since Ether is one entity, we can hear them. If there is no Ether, there is no sound.
6. Ākāśam (Ether) is one of the Great Elements. Yajus Vedam says the elements are Ether1, Air2, Fire3, Water4, and Earth5, emerging from Ātmaṉ according to Yajur Veda Taittirīya Samhita.
7. Do you know why I say this?
9. We don’t know when this creation took place. From Ātmā, emerged Ether1. From Ether came Air2. From Air, Fire3emerged. From Fire, emerged Water4. From Water emerged Earth5. (The elements proceeded from the subtle to the gross.) From the earth, Flora came into being. From eating the Flora, humanity emerged. To put a full stop on this creation is an impossible task. It proceeds like a link chain. Likewise, we cannot delineate time. No one can measure time. We determine man’s time by his lifespan. The age of the Earth, we cannot resolve. 
10. Let me say this one to you. Man can discover what is already present (in Nature), but cannot create something new. Australia and America existed before their so-called discovery by Columbus, and other discoveries too took place. There is still a multitude of things waiting for discovery in this world. In due course of time, their discovery also will take place.
11. There are millions and billions of worlds in this universe. We imagine our earth is the universe. Do you know that the Tattvas in the Vedas existed before the creation of this universe?
12. Don’t say such things like this town, that town and his town. Call this expanse of land as Earth. Vedam says Prithvi is a collective noun identifying all places with living forms. Nine planets are not just for our nation but the whole universe.
13. Let me give you an example. A child looks at the moon and runs around. The child states that the moon follows him or her where he or she goes. But what is the truth? Moon is in one place. For this universe, the moon is the only one. There is only one Moon, one Sun, and one Ether.
14. Our knowledge parallels with that of the child. Our knowledge is infinitesimal. It has not attained wholeness. That ability resides with Vedic sound. There was sound before Vedam. The sound waves pervade the Ether. Ṛṣis discovered those sound waves and expressed them in oral tradition. Those collections are Vedas.