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ஆதியும் அந்தமும் - 8 - மறை சொல்லும் மகிமைகள்
Ādhi & Andham: 08- Sound&Light
சேஷாத்ரிநாத சாஸ்திரிகள் Author: Shesadri Sastrigal. Images: Maruthi
1. Mahaṛṣis discovered the sound waves in Ether and revealed them to mankind by oral tradition. The compositions make the Vedas. The sound of Vedas has useful Tattvas for mankind, grew in content, and remains what they are today.
2. Oli and Oḷi (ஒலி, ஒளி) Oli is sound, heard by the ear. Oḷi is light, seen by the eyes. Veda slokas mention the supplication of mankind for good eyesight. Likewise, a sloka in Veda mentions the supplication for acuteness of hearing by the ears.
3. Sound is the basis for life itself. A person dies. But there is the life-sustaining air outside of him. That air can enter his nostrils and raise him from death! Why is it impossible? Reason: his body is deprived of ‘sound.’ To the extent the sound exists in the body, the respiratory air goes in and out of nostrils and keeps him alive. If the sound disappears, the outside air is of no use to that person.
4. Therefore, the sound is the basis of all things. The sound waves pervading the Ether are the origin of Vedas, language, culture, and others..
5. Though the pronunciation is one, the shapes of alphabets and letters are different for each language. The sound intonations of different languages may be the same, but the shape of the symbols of letters and words and their meanings will change. In some languages, the letter symbols may be the same, but the pronunciation is different. For example, the pronunciation of the letter va (‘வ’) in Tamil is pronounced as kkā (‘க்கா’) in Malayalam.
6. The symbols of the letters created by man are disparate as men of different countries. But the enunciation of Ether-pervading sound did not change. Don’t we hear the speech here, though spoken elsewhere? Is it possible? Does our Vedas have any formulas explaining such modern conveniences? Many ask that question.
7. Ṛṣis by the drawing power of their brains accumulate the subtle sound waves from the Ether and when necessary, express them in words. The appropriate deities in charge of these sound forms manifest themselves when the words are expressed in sound form.
8. Today, we watch TV and radio broadcasts. These were not available before. Men of the days of yore could see and hear what happened elsewhere. Reason. The blossoming of the Buddhi. In Mahabharata, Sanjaya remaining in palace saw the battle scenes happening in faraway Kurukṣētra as they were seen on today’s TV. He narrated the scenes to Dhṛdharāṣtrā. Sanjaya did not need TV then. Because of the blossoming of his Buddhi and God’s grace, he had the power of such feats. Men of those days observed Veda Dharma. That is why they had the capability of what was said in the Vedas.
9. They say they want to float an artificial moon in space. No gain will come forth because of it. Even if some gain comes forth, that will last only for a short time. We should do nothing against the natural laws.
10. Triśaṅku expressed his desire to Viśvāmitra to go to Svarga (heaven) in his corporeal (bodily) form. By the power of his Tapas, he sent him to Svarga. Do you know what Devendran did on seeing a mere man come to svarga in his embodied form? Preventing him from entering Svarga, he pushed him away. Tumbling, crying and falling towards earth, Viśvāmitra saw Triśaṅku fashioned a svarga between the earth and the Indra’s heaven for the express use of Triśaṅku. But his Svarga did not last long. That will be the story of an artificial moon. No gain is feasible.
11. Let say this. Today, the scientists say they will launch research satellites to the moon and the mars. What use will this get for us? Can humans live there? In this universe, there are many Earth-like planets. One will have water; another will have air; another one will have a fire. Only if the five elements exist on the planet, life forms can live and reproduce. In that sense, all five elements are on earth.
12. Likewise, if the five great elements appear on other planets, life forms can originate and live. In the moon and the mars, there is no chance of appearance of the five great elements. That the moon has water is not a recent discovery. Do you know what Veda says about the moon? Jalamaya Chandra (Water-bearing moon). The scientists have discovered a few of the great truths mentioned in Vedas. To discover the mother lode of Vedic predictions is an impossible proposition for anyone.
13. In this universe, we do not know how many worlds undergo destruction and how many worlds come into being. To hold in our thoughts that the visible universe alone exists is not correct. We do not know the series of our ancestors. At the most, we know our grandfathers. That the father of the grandfather is nowhere in sight does not mean he did not exist.
14. Do you know the identifying feature of our commonplace Buddhi? We see things; we hear sounds; and we experience: We keep them as the basis, let our thinking grow, and narrate a multiplicity of guesses. How could that come to truth (s)?
15. This world is not just a sum of what we see and what we hear. A plethora of things exists that we never experienced, sights unseen, and sounds (information) we never heard. This truth, men forgot. How could that be proper? How could those thoughts be worthy?
16. If we investigate the cause of all these, do you know to what conclusion we come? Pūrvajaṉma Vāsaṉai (= Past life predisposition).
. 17. Even before our birth, a residual smell (predisposition) from the past birth clings on us. The association with that Vāsaṉai (residual smell or predisposition) is the ground (substratum) on which our Buddhi works. Because such a deficiency is present in man, he is incapable of immediately realizing the truth.
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