Sufi JñāṇiTales – An Appetite Suppressant Fruit

1. A Sufi sage in a previous town had been informed that in a certain town there would be a delicious fruit with many special qualities, and if he ate it he would not feel hungry for a long time.
2. But, when he went to that town, he did not see the fruit in the Kaigani market. He looked for it hesitantly.
3. A young man, seeing his hesitancy, came to him. “You seem to be looking for something. May I help you?” He asked.
4. He was told that a rare fruit is available in this town and if eaten, the consumer will not be hungry for a few days. If I get that fruit or if I get its seed, I will take it and try to plant it in an area where there are starving people and see if I can alleviate the hunger of the people in that area,” replied Jñāṇi.
5. The young man was instantly excited. He said, "Wait a bit, I will come back soon" and left. He came after some time, with a fruit in his hand. "This is the fruit you asked for," he said and gave it to the Jñāṇi.
6. "They said that this fruit is available in abundance in this town," observed the wise man.
7. “True. This fruit was available in abundance in this town. But people have become selfish. They have started hoarding this fruit with a selfish intent that no one else should enjoy the fruit they are enjoying. They also kept the cultivation method very secret. I have brought you a fruit from my house. "When I heard that you were going to use this fruit to help the starving people, I thought I should help you somehow," said the young man.
8. Moved by his actions and words, the wise man blessed him: "If there are more young people like you who come forward to help others, there will be no shortage of essential needs in the area where they live."