Published:09 Feb 2017 9 PMUpdated:09 Feb 2017 9 PM    Sakthi Vikatan
Composition by M. Marimutthu.
Inspirational Quotes

1. The Golden words of Variar that uplift the quality of life.


  2. Krupananda Variyar is the best among the devotees of Murugar in the world of Tamils, a well-known polymath in Tamil literature, music, and more and for his spiritual discourses, like narrating stories. All that he said to the plain folks dispelled their ignorance, and strengthened their virtuous living. His golden words reinforced their self-confidence under extenuating circumstances. My presentation is some of his chosen golden words of wisdom.


  3. ‘‘The hollow earthen oil lamp offers light, which we can appreciate only in darkness. Likewise, we can realize the mother’s worth in all kinds of ways, she brought us up, only when she is no more. Therefore, we should celebrate motherhood.’’


  4. Do not feel happy when others praise you. Likewise, do not despair when others complain against you.


  5. Desire has the quality to destroy a person. On the contrary, love extended to another has the excellence to enrich them.  You should always have the nurturing quality to others. Unnecessary desires beget grief and never any good.


  6. On the days you lead a comfortable life, you should learn to take in stride grievous matters. It is the nature of things that everyone in life faces ups and downs. It is always helpful to be ready and prepared for any eventualities and different circumstances.




  7. You can teach and train a neophyte. One can teach the novice the minutiae and make him learned. But, even God cannot correct the incorrigible, who does not know right from wrong.


  8. Family is like a healthy tree. In that, the wife is the root; the trunk is the husband; the children are the leaves and flowers; the good deeds are the delicious fruits. As the tree lends support and succor to various Jīvarāsis ( life forms),  the tree of one’s family should be of use to others.


  9. The butterfat in the milk is not apparent to our eyes. Likewise, we can feel the God’s Sakthi by the medium of true Bakthi.


  10. Where there is fire, there is a rise of smoke. With the fire, we can heat things we need. We can use it for other needs. Smoke by itself has no utility.


  11. A few seeds, sown in the field yield saplings in multiple thousands. Likewise, the good and bad deeds multiply innumerable times and return to him.


  12. Some speak with no restriction, dignity, or objective. These do not produce any good. Therefore, be calm and collected as much as possible.


  13. If the copper utensil has verdigris on the surface, we must remove it and then use the vessel. If it is the paddy, you must remove the chaff and cook the rice. Likewise, humans like us should remove evil, think of virtue, and live a life.


  14. Birds have two wings; the train, two rails; man, two legs, and two eyes; and the student must have two qualities: humility and Gurubakthy (devotion to Guru). Only a student with these two qualities will make progress. 


  15. When you hold a flaming torch upside down, the flames go up; likewise, It is impossible to bring down men of loftiness.


  16. It is healthy to have a good night’s sleep. If you cannot, read sacred books that take you to a higher station in life and a life of virtue.


  17. Do not investigate and elucidate other’s faults and defects. Do not hide your shortcomings.


  18. Humility is the life-pulse in a man’s life, taking him to a life of higher purpose.


  Composition: M. Marimutthu.