சித்தமெல்லாம் சித்தமல்லி - 2

Sakthi Vikatan 18 Aug, 2015



சித்து cittu n. < siddhi. 1. Supernatural power; Intellect

Sithamalli Village, the epicenter of Siddhas and a beautiful village, is 16 km from Vaithisvaran Temple via Manalmēdu on the road to Kumbhakonam and Myilāḍuthurai. Since it is the Siddha Country how could there be a shortage of supernatural power? Is it not true that all powers are for the good of the humanity? That sacred place, blessed by the Siddhas, would attain world fame according to the divine prediction.


In this village, devout Nagarajan lived in a south-facing house on the east-west Agrahara Street. Some years ago, he had an experience.


The sun was setting. Natarajan was standing near the entrance to his house. As the orange orb of the sun was setting in the west, he had a sensation of enveloping darkness around him. In his mind, it induced a phantasmagorical feeling of fear. An apparition from the west came towards him. A divine smell of unknown kind pervaded the street and made him joyous.

That form had a familiar appearance with ochre clothes, beaded-wood Tulasi garland, and a handheld Kamandalam (a water-vessel, an accouterment and sine qua non of a mendicant or a saint). Is he not the Mahāṉ, to whom Natarajan pays homage every day? Natarajan’s sense of trepidation dissolved that very moment, he had a clear vision of him. A joy came on him. In that ecstatic moment of his Dharsan of Mahāṉ on his street, while he was getting ready to fall prostrate at his holy feet, the Mahāṉ, not moving to his house, went to the opposite house and stood in front of the house. He sprinkled water from his water-vessel at the front entrance to the house. He used his foot to draw a Yantra in a Kolam where he sprinkled the water. Having done it, he retraced his steps and disappeared.

A sense of disappointment and grievance descended on him. Why did the Mahāṉ, having given him a Dharsan, go to the opposite house? He felt a creeping sense of mild anger. What is the reason? Sundaranarayanan (SN) in the opposite house was an inveterate atheist. Though his birth was in an orthodox family and for no apparent reason, he had no belief in God. He had no belief in orthodoxy and observation of religious austerities. To know him well, we should go back to the early 1960s.

He worked in the Agricultural department those days. He planned to raise vegetables in his backyard. His workers dug the backyard to prepare a bed for the saplings but the crowbar struck something hard. They dug around it with a shovel. It was a treasure-trove, whose value he did not realize then. The divine statues were the object of worship by his ancestors.

Why did they remain underground all these years? What is reason, they manifested themselves now?

Revelations of all these divine secrets will one day come to our attention. Let us gauge the mental state of Sundaranarayanan the moment, the divine statues manifested themselves in his backyard.

Atheist Sundaranarayanan decided to move the statues away from his house and store them elsewhere. Temporarily, he leaned the statues against the wall and left for his office. Because of his office work, he came home late. He thought he would remove the statues out of the house at the break of dawn, and went to sleep.

But, at the break of down, what happened was different!

Sister-in-law of Sundaranarayanan (SN) called him. She narrated to him that in her dream, God appeared before her and told her, ‘Tell him (SN) not to be indifferent to me. If he violates my injunction and acts in contempt, he will be subject to trouble. Tell him I said so. It is a warning to him from me.’

That warning did not bother him. SN told her in a show of ridicule, “It is pathetic, that that God would appear in the dream of a woman and level his threat to me. If he had an iota of courage, he will appear in my dream and parlay his threat directly to me.”

But, his wife and children came down hard against his proposal and SN left the divine statues unmoved where they were in the house.

The ensuing incidents changed the direction of his life.

The body is in horripilation.

Images: K. Satishkumar