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சித்தமெல்லாம் சித்தமல்லி - 4!



Chitra the wife of Ramamurthy staying in the house of Sundaranarayanan (SN) had a surprise waiting for her in the backyard on Saturday at dawn, when she opened the backdoor. She saw two idols leaning on the wall. She was confused in her mind, the reason being there was a thread of sorrow spread across the faces of the idols. That made her remember the words of the woman from the day before and she was horripilated.

She remembered the warning issued by the woman, cautioning her and her husband that the clothes were not sufficiently long for the idols and they should get longer ones before they depart for Sithamalli. She thanked and paid homage to the clairvoyant woman in her heart, mind and soul for directing them in the right way.

The Darśan she received of the idols of Perumāḷ and Thāyār was in the sitting position. Taking Darśan of Perumāḷ and Thāyār on a Saturday and his Tiruvōṇa Nakṣatra were the most auspicious. That gave her a tingle in the spine. She hurried to her husband in the Choultry, narrated the spine-tingling story to him and brought the group members to SN’s house for their Darśan. They donated and dedicated the long clothes to the divine couple; a Bhattachariar helped don the divine couple. Completing the Kuladaiva worship, they returned to Chennai and narrated to the woman all that happened since they left her. Chitra privately told the woman that she saw a strand of sorrow on the holy faces of Perumāḷ and Thāyār and the confusion it caused her.

The woman servitor of Mahāṉ said, “There is nothing I could do. All happenings are the Līla (divine sport) of my Mahāṉ, who showed me the divine idols of Perumāḷ and Thāyār in my dream. It was his determination that the holy idols of Perumāḷ and Thāyār would be known to the world. No one could prevent Perumāḷ from becoming famous. She added, “Please ask the owner of the house (SN) to come and see me.”

The woman servitor of Mahāṉ observed silence and passed no comment on meaning of the sad physiognomy of the holy idols. It is possible the secrets will be revealed in time.

We should in these pages find out more about the spiritually enslaving Guru Mahāṉ and the servitor woman.

The servitor woman’s name is Padmā. Everyone addresses her ‘Padmā Māmi’ with love and respect. The guiding Light of Padmā was none other than the Kaṛpaka tree-Kāmadhenu-Rāghavēndra. Kaṛpaka tree = Pārijāta = Wish-Tree = Coral Tree (Erythrina Indica).  There is a past-life connection as the background of grace and the present Rāghavēndra’s taking Padmā in his good graces (ஆட்கொள்ளுதல்). Let us elucidate it later. Let us find out whether SN came to see Padmā and listened to her.

Ramamurthy taking leave of Padmā Māmi went straight to SN’s house. He told him about Padmā Māmi and conferment of grace to the devotees of Raghavendra through her as the mediator. But, Sundaranarayanan (SN) is an inveterate atheist and did not accept the invitation to visit with Padma Māmi. Ramamurthy being a bulldogger, told him, “Though you are a confirmed nonbeliever, it is alright. Just pay a visit to see Padma Māmi. Since they were both compatriots of the village, SN accepted the invitation to see the woman next day evening.

Next day, Ramamurthy wearing a blue shirt came to SN’s house. Since the laundry did not arrive in time, SN wore his son’s blue T-Shirt and departed to Padma’s house. Padma Mami told the assembled crowd, “In a little while, two men in blue shirts will be arriving here.” Soon they arrived and the assembled crowd were wonderstruck to see they wore blue shirts. Coming to know of the prediction of Padma Mami, SN was also surprised. But SN appeared unimpressed by the prediction coming true. To him, it was a pure coincidence as in the palmyra fruit falling when the crow sat on the Palmyra tree.

Padma Mami told him, “The responsibility to build a temple for the idols rests with you. The reason, you will know, at a time and place in the future. Whether you are willing or unwilling, you will complete the project. These are not my words. These are the words of the Mahan in whose hold I remain. He will by some means will get you to participate in the holy undertaking.

Soon, your house will transform into a temple with daily services and worship. Besides, Sithamalli soon will fill and occupy the minds of devotees, according to Thāthā: God Rāgavēndran.

We must tell something about Padmā Māmi. The Sakthi Vikatan readers were familiar with Padmā. How was that? Because of her saying, Tiruppatūr, a holy place, where Brahman (God) reigns supreme and can significantly change the course of our lives, is now famous to the outside world. Services are already in the works to make Sithamalli famous.

Though Sundaranarayanan, in the spirit of a viṭṭēṟṟi (= விட்டேற்றி = compulsive alienator), expressed his negative attitude, will God Rāgavēndirar leave him scot-free? He held SN's feet to the fire. Because of His Līla, SN devoted his time and effort in building a temple for Perumal and Thāyār (against his initial resistance).

விட்டேற்றி viṭṭēṟṟi n. < id. 1. One who forsakes his relations and induces others to do likewise. = Compulsive alienator.

Perumal assumed all the sorrows of the devotees as his own, responds to their supplications in a fruitful manner and confers his blessings on them.  The holy services at the temple are ascendant.

How is it the atheist Sundaranarayanan changed his mind and got himself involved in spiritual services? What are the past-life connections between Rāgavēndran (God) and Sundaranarayanan?

Your (mind and) body in horripilation

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