Sakthi Vikatan - 10 Nov, 2015




சித்தமெல்லாம் சித்தமல்லி - 8!


When Sundaranarayanan (SN) faced the stubborn cows not wanting to eat the fodder, he wanted to hit the cows but, in his sight, he saw a wonderful vision. Mantrālaya Mahāṉ appeared behind the stubborn cows and said, “Are you going to hit the cows I entrusted to your kind care?” That was an admonition with unspoken words. SN in his mind asked for forgiveness. He decided to go to the Mantrālayam as soon as possible. The adamant cows immediately fed on the fodder he offered.

When SN took his siesta after noon meal, a sweat shock was awaiting. His friend Baskaran called him on the phone and told him (SN) that he with his friends planned to go to Mantrālayam and bought tickets for all including him. SN feeling the compassionate grace of mysterious God became tender-hearted. As soon as he heard of going to Mantrālaya, the invitation came soon. His spine tingled and he experienced ecstasy.

Next Week, SN left for Mantrālayam with Baskaran, Kalyānasundaram and others. He took with him a booklet of temple activities. The heads of the images of Perumāḷ and Thāyār in the pamphlet were marred with ragged edges: That made SN unhappy. He wondered whether it can be repaired. Rāgavēndirar helped assuage that feeling on the way to Mantrālayam.

On the way, they went to Hampi, the place known for meeting of Ramapiran, Anjaneyar and Sugrīva. There the holy images appeared ragged at the edges because of the damage caused by the foreign invaders. The devotees continued to offer worship to the images. Seeing the damaged images, SN’s grief disappeared.

Having arrived at Mantrālayam, next day they took baths, donned Pañcakaccam (a long clothing worn by men with five-point insertions) and went for Darśan of and homage to Mantrālaya Mahan. They received special permission for Darśan of Mahan. While they were waiting in SrīRāgavēndirar Brindavanam, they saw a group of Veda Chanters. A Bhattar from the group, unknown to him, gestured SN to go to him. He stood his ground not knowing him. The Bhattar kept on calling him and so SN walked towards him. 

SN with Veda group sat in the Mahan’s Brindavanam, listened to the Vedic Chanting and was immersed in the inundation of grace of Mahan.  When he exited the premises, he asked the Bhattar, “What was the reason you invited me alone with your gesture?”

Bhattar replied, “Why, I don’t know the reason. An idea popped in my mind repeatedly asking me to invite you. That was the reason for inviting you.”

It must have been the intention of SrīRāgavēndirar (God) to create an idea in the mind of Bhattar to invite SN selected by God for divine services, so SN will develop limitless Bakthi and faith in him (God).  A few days later incidents one after another confirmed that it was Satyam (Truth).

Having received Brindavanam Darśan and coming out, he joined his friends for one more Darśan. SN harbored in his mind a notion that his past-life Vāsanās (fragrance, clinging Karma from past life) is still afflicting him, though he is happy and enjoys Mahan’s Anugraham (Favor, kindness, grace). SN placed his booklet of holy temple services in Brindavanam and challenged Mahan, “Swamy, if it is true that you, in your holy intent, involve me in Perumāl’s Kaiṅkaryam (physical services for God), you offer me your grace and favor in full measure.

Does Mahan not know what doubts SN had in his mind? The next moment, a miracle happened. The crossandra flower petals above the Mahan’s Brindavanam rained down on the Service manual for temple services.  Mantrālayam Mahan confirmed his complete grace and support to SN that allowed him to participate in the temple services.

SN still experienced hangover from past events, though he was joyous having received love, support and grace from SrīRāgavēndirar.

On his second trip for Darśan with his friends, SN took a coconut for dedication to SrīRāgavēndirar. Since the officiating priest was not there, he could not break the coconut and dedicate it to the God. With that deficiency hanging over him, SN exited the premises with Prasadam. A miracle happened just before his departure. SN’s mental dissatisfaction dissipated.


Mind will tingle.

Images: K. Satishkumar