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சித்தமெல்லாம் சித்தமல்லி - 9!


A miracle happened, when Sundaranarayanan (SN) was unhappy that he could not dedicate the coconuts to SrīRāgavēndirar. Since the coconut bag felt moist, he opened the bag and looked inside. The coconut was broken into two halves. Sundaranarayanan (SN) was very happy. He did not wonder about how the coconut broke into two halves. There is no need for investigation of Ātmārtha Bakthi (Devotion for its own sake). SN believed unreservedly that the coconut broke because of the grace of SrīRāgavēndirar. That feeling and trust in their perfection shine as the basis for spiritual progress.

Though SN, to begin with, had no belief in god, he became the recipient of the fruits of Pūrva-Jaṉma Puṇṇiyam (Past-life merit), and grace of Mahāṉ SrīRāgavēndirar, who worshipped Padmāvathi Thāyār Samētha Tiruvēnkatanātha Perumāḷ, because of which SN had the mandated rare opportunity to build the temple.  Mahān Rāgavēndirar brought about a fundamental change in the removal of his disbelief in God and rudeness, inculcated in his mind deep devotion and a great change in his affect, and conferred grace on him.

Rāgavēndirar by his will, got SN involved in temple building and maintenance services. He wanted people to know and appreciate the power of his grace and his ability to perform miracles in the lives of his devotees in so many ways. He further directed countless devotees to Sithamalli Perumāḷ.

As the devotees were directed to Tiruvēnkatanātha Perumāḷ by Rāgavēndirar because of the power of Perumāl’s grace, there were hosts of devotees who experienced miracles and wonders in their lives.  Let us look at some miracles.

This is the miracle performed by Perumāḷ in the life of a devotee three years ago (?2012).

Thangavēl and his wife Bhānumathi were in anguish for a long time that their daughter’s wedding faced hurdles because of white spots on her body. The prospective grooms upon knowing the spots, avoided any contacts with the girl's family. While they were agonizing over their fate, they heard of Padmā Māmi. They tried to contact her. For unknown reasons, the meeting did not take place. Is there not a time and place for everything?

Because of their persistent efforts, one day they met Padmā Māmi. They poured out their heart and expressed their long-standing worry.

Padmā Māmi supplicated and worshipped SrīRāgavēndirar on their behalf, about their worry and needs. Rāgavēndirar taking pity on Thangavēl couple helped them. Through the medium of Padmā Māmi, SrīRāgavēndirar spoke, showed them there was a way out of this difficulty and conferred grace on the couple.

They went to Sithamalli and offered prayer to Perumāḷ and Thāyār. They promised the deities, as soon as the wedding was over, they would buy silk sari for Thāyār equal in quality and price to that of the bride.

Good news came to them the next day after they returned home from Sithamalli.

A distant relation of theirs came to see Anuradha as the prospective bride. He was a medical doctor. He had a majestic bearing and was handsome. The Thangavēl couple had a desire to have him as a groom, the moment they saw him. The bride-to-be had education and status. But she had white spots on the body. They wondered how the prospective groom would react to the white spots. That gave them panic attacks.

Everything happens according to God’s will. The prospective groom looking at the white spots, showed no signs of hesitation. He did not retreat. In a manner to dispel the anxiety of her parents, he told them, “I like the prospective bride. You may arrange for the wedding.”

The parents paid homage and tributes to SrīRāgavēndirar, whose prophesy and advice to seek Darśan of Perumā and Thāyār in Sithamalli for fulfilment of their dream and desire. When the wedding became a certainty, they were happy. But, they wondered how and why the prospective groom liked their daughter, seeing the white spots on her. They entertained doubts and confusion. By their looks, behavior and body language, those feeling were telling.

As if he understood the meaning of their looks, the good doctor said, “The white spots on her body are not an encumbrance. It is not contagious. It is easy to heal the skin condition with treatment. Therefore, you don’t have to entertain any doubts.”

(Though the groom offered no medical diagnosis, it appears those spots could have been Pityriasis Rosea of unknow etiology, which heals spontaneously with a little help for itching with antihistamines and steroids.  Could those spots be Vitiligo? Unlikely.)

With no opposition, he married their daughter. The doctor and Anuradha have a beautiful child (? son? daughter).

They donated a silk sari to Thāyār equal to that of the bride in quality and price, as promised by them before the wedding.

Another experience. Krishnan lives in K. K. Nagar, Chennai. He hails from a poor family. What Bhagavan dealt to them was a big travail.

What is that travail?

How did he recoup himself from that travail?

Mind will tingle.

Images: K.Satishkumar.