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சித்தமெல்லாம் சித்தமல்லி - 10!


Sithamalli Tiruvēnkatanātha Perumāḷ, worshipped by Mahāṉ SrīRāgavēndirar, in accordance with the name of the village ruled by him, performed multiple mind games, conferred on them his grace and blessed them with no wants in their lives.

Likewise, three years ago, he performed an Arulādal (Gracious act) in the life of Chennai Krishnan.

Krishnan had neither wealth nor opportunity (to make a decent living). Once he was caught in a big tribulation and was in distress wondering how to find relief from the vise. He was unhappy thinking, “Why does God impose such tribulations (difficulties) to a god-fearing (God-loving) man like me?”  In accordance with the great sayings of Vedas, “God never lets down the believers,” a way was born to alleviate his misery.  

A friend of his recommended him to Padmā Māmi, the devotee of Rāgavēndirar and asked him to hurry up to see her.

Krishnan went to the house of Padma Māmi, narrated to her his woes and asked for relief.

Krishnan’s daughter had vision problems caused by allergy in 1995. Multiple visits to doctors and treatments produced no results. In that condition, his daughter graduated with great difficulty. When she was ready for the graduate (M.A; M.S. Ph.D) studies, her vision was severely compromised. Further consultations yielded no beneficial results. Krishnan came to Padma Māmi in that desperate condition. As recommended by Padma Māmi, he immediately left for Sithamalli to offer worship to Perumāḷ and Thāyār, and was back home soon.

Next day the good news awaited him. An eye doctor from abroad was visiting Chennai. His friend told him to get consultation with him and with his treatment, the possibility of restoring vision was good. Krishnan having made an appointment took his daughter to the doctor. The ophthalmologist examined her and told Krishnan that surgical intervention would restore her eyesight. The cost for the surgery was prohibitively high.

Krishnan did not have that amount of money. “A destitute has a friend in God.”  Likewise, He went back to Padmā Māmi. As advised by Māmi, he went back to Sithamalli, offered worship to Perumāḷ, and participated in Pūcchorithal festival (பூச்சொரிதல் வைபவம் = Showering Fragrant flowers on a goddess). An inner voice told him, something good would happen.  That gave him clarity in his confused mind.

As if to earn his trust, Sithamalli Perumāḷ appeared in the minds of some good souls and advised them to contribute funds towards the treatment of Krishnan’s daughter. (God arranged for crowdfunding!). The surgery went with no hitch and his daughter recovered fully with good eyesight.

Sithamalli Perumāḷ is a skillful (munificent) God to his devotee to whom he offers grace and needed help without an appeal for help. In that laudable manner, Perumāḷ offered help and grace to Chennai Ramamurthy.

Ramamurthy was the first person to hear from Padmā Māmi about Sithamalli Perumāḷ and the owner of the house Sundaranarayanan, where Perumāḷ and Thāyār were the in-house deities.  He directed others also towards Sithamalli Perumāḷ. 

As told by Padmā Māmi, the Ramamurthy couple went to Sithamalli, donated the clothes to Perumāḷ and Thāyār and made it a habit to visit Sithamalli for worship of the Divine Couple whenever they thought of it. Ramamurthy’s vocation saw no further progress initially but ran equitably. But, Ramamurthy did not supplicate to Perumāḷ about his vocation.

Though supplication was not made, Perumāḷ conferred his grace and blessings on Ramamurthy in fulfilling his needs. His vocation showed signs of further progress. His son had the opportunity to go abroad for M.S.  Likewise, his nephew finished his M.B.A and immediately thereafter was appointed to a high position in Microsoft Corporation. He prospers there now.

Sithamalli Perumāḷ offers his grace and blessings to all who came for Darśan of him and to those who could not go to Sithamalli but supplicated to him from faraway places. He blessed all irrespective of their supplicant status.

Here is an instance, wherein Perumāḷ dispensed his grace to a devotee.

Mind will tingle.

Images: K. Satishkumar

Where is Sithamalli? How to go…?

Sithamalli is about 6 km from Pattavarthi on the Vaithīsvaraṉ Koil-Manalmedu Road. Take bus # 460 from Vaithisvaran Koil. Get down at Pattavarthi, from where you may take Autoriksha to Sithamalli.

There is a direct bus service from Mayiladuthurai to Sithamalli once every two hours.