Perumal's Closeup.


Sakthi Vikatan  01 Mar, 2016


சித்தமெல்லாம் சித்தமல்லி-13


The temples worshipped by the Mahāṉs and Mahaṛṣis are greater and more famous than the self-existent temples. Likewise, the Divine Mūrthams (images, idols…) have assumed limitless power of grace in them and dispense to their devotees and worshippers multiple good and auspicious deeds without delay.

Sithamalli Tiruvēnkatanātha Perumāḷ, worshipped by Mahāṉ  SrīRāgavēndirar, has been offering, in the life of his devotees, countless acts of benevolent grace for the past three years.   

Before that, uncared by anyone, the Divine Couple (Perumāḷ and Thāyār) remained in the backyard of Sundaranarayanan in silent meditation under the inclement weather conditions such as scorching sun and pouring rain.

What is the reason for it?

Perumal was the object of worship by revered Mahāṉ SrīRāgavēndirar. One ancestor of SN experienced multiple trials and tribulations one after another. The adverse events distressed and warped his mind. SN himself blamed Tiruvengadanatha Perumāḷ for the befalling, enveloping, repetitious and calamitous events, though he prayed and paid homage to him daily. In their grief over Perumāḷ’s silence and failure to help, SN and his sister removed Perumāḷ and Thāyār from the Pūjā room and dumped the idols in their backyard.  With passing time, the idols disappeared in the backyard overwhelmed by layers of mud piles.

SN’s ancestor, not realizing that the adverse events in his life were the fruits of his past-life Karma, put the blame on the shoulders of Perumāḷ in his ignorance: That invited a namaṭṭu-c-cirippu (= நமட்டுச்சிரிப்பு  = suppressed derisive smile) on the lips of Perumāḷ, that we can witness even today.

Perumāl’s hand-held conch resembles (appears to remind us of) the holy form of Vināyaka Perumāṉ. His shoulder sports Siva’s trident. Such rare appearance of Perumāḷ is seen nowhere else. Though Perumāḷ was cast aside by their ignorance, he offers his grace to his devotees and is waiting to help others at the opportune time.

The sower must harvest.  Sithamalli Perumāḷ in his Divine Cittaṁ (mind) used the neglectors to manifest him.

Sundaranarayanan was the reincarnation of the neglector (iconoclast) and atheist initially, became the theist later and still later the sponsor and the central figure in Perumāḷ’s divine services. (This miracle of transformation of SN from an iconoclast to theist and temple builder is the Will of
Perumāḷ.) Padmā Māmi, the reincarnation of the SN’s sibling and sister the co-conspirator, blessed by SrīRāgavēndirar put Sithamalli on the world map and Sithamalli Perumāḷ as the Divine Miracle Worker.

SN and his sister underwent many difficulties, trials and tribulations in the present birth (in the resolution of their past karma). The benignant Will of Perumāḷ helped manifest himself through SrīRāgavēndirar, who worshipped him. This manifestation is for removal of miseries of SN and his sibling sister and of the people of the world. SN and Padma Māmi realized the truth (about Perumāḷ) dove headlong in the Divine Service of Perumāḷ. From that day onwards, their trials and tribulations gradually melted away like snow in the rays of the rising sun. 

Sundaranarayanan involved (commanded by Bhagavan) in building a temple for the newly manifest Sithamalli Perumāḷ and Thāyār on their second coming received Mahāṉ SrīRāgavēndirar’s anugraham and Perumāḷ’s grace in full measure. That was the reason why the temple rose fast and the daily services became a regular occurrence. The main completed building features are the dome over the sanctum sanctorum, the hall of the sanctum, the hall behind the sanctum, and the portrayal, according to holy suggestions of SrīRāgavēndirar, of Krishna Lilas on the pillars along the Prākāram (Circumambulatory path).

The main hall, Rāgavēndirar Shrine, Anjanēya Shrine, Vināyaka Shrine built because of Perumāḷ’s Conch resembling the shape of Vinayaka, and Muruga’s Shrine built because of appearance of trident on Perumāḷ’s shoulder are in the planning stages. Painting, electrical wiring of the premises… are waiting for completion.

Anjaneya Shrine in Sithamalli Perumal Temple


Our desire is completion of holy projects and Samprōkṣaṇa (Purificatory ceremony). Perumāḷ guiding Light, has taken us this far and SrīRāgavēndirar will still abide by us and help complete the holy projects and services in short order. That is our hope and belief.   

Tiruvēnkatanātha Perumal is the great gem that manifested from inside the earth to remove the miseries of people in Kaliyuga and to bring peace and happiness in their lives. We have no doubt Perumal will uphold the trust of SN. When SrīRāgavēndirar talked to his devotee-medium (oracle) Padma about Sithamalli Perumal, he said, “For Ketu, Kalahasti; for Mars, Vaithisvaran Koil. So, they say. Near Kālahaṣthi, Tiruppathi of world fame shines. Likewise, here near Vaithisvaran Koil, Sithamalli shines and will be world-famous place reigned by Tiruvēnkatanātha Perumāḷ. These are his Words of grace, which never failed.


Temples that incorporate or are dedicated to one or all nine of the Navagraha are found in different parts of India, such as in Tamil Nadu. Wikipedia

சூரியன் (Sun) - ஞாயிறு,கதிரவன்

·       Surya Navagrahastalam -- Suryanar Kovil

சந்திரன் (Moon) - திங்கள்

·       Chandra Navagrahastalam -- Kailasanthar Temple, Thingalur

செவ்வாய் (Mars) - நிலமகன், செவ்வாய்

·       Angaarakan Navagrahastalam -- Vaitheeswaran Koil

புதன் (Mercury) - , கணக்கன், புலவன்,அறிவன்

·       Budha Navagrahastalam -- Swetharanyeswarar Temple

குரு (Jupiter) - சீலன், பொன்னன்,வியாழன்

·       Guru Navagrahastalam -- Apatsahayesvarar Temple, Alangudi

சுக்கிரன் (Venus) - சுங்கன், கங்கன்,வெள்ளி

·       Sukra Navagrahastalam -- Agniswarar Temple, Kanjanur

சனி (Saturn) - காரி, முதுமகன்

·       Shani Navagrahastalam -- Tirunallar Saniswaran Temple

ராகு (Raghu) - கருநாகன்

·       Raahu Navagrahastalam -- Rahu Stalam

கேது (Kethu) -செந்நாகன்

·       Ketu Navagrahastalam -- Nagannathaswamy Temple, Keezhaperumpallam

Mahāṉ’s Words of Grace never fail.

Images: K. Satishkumar