Published:20 Apr 2020 8 PMUpdated:20 Apr 2020 8 PM  Sakthi Vikatan

சிட்டுக் குருவிக்கும் அருள் வழங்கிய வடகுரங்காடுதுறை ஶ்ரீதயாநிதீஸ்வரர்

மு.இராகவன்பா. பிரசன்ன வெங்கடேஷ்  Authors: M. Raghavanpa.  Prassna Venkatesh

1. God’s holy name is ŚrīDhayānithīsvarar (Sri Repository of Mercy The Almighty God). Whoever comes to him seeking relief, the Lord receives,and blesses him or her with mercy and grace.
2. The saying goes a mere mention of a pregnant woman melts the heart of even the man of a hard heart. If that is so, what happens to the heart and mind of God? In Thirukkāvūr temple with Ammai Garbharakṣāmbikai ( Garbha Rakṣa Ambikai = Pregnancy-Protectress-Goddess Ambikai) by his side, he grants grace as Nāyakaṉ (the Lord and her husband). In Tirucchirāppaḷḷi, to protect a pregnant woman, the God morphs into her mother, helps her deliver the baby and earns the name Thāyumāṉavaṉ ( tāi-yum-āṉavar =

தாய் + உம் + ஆனவர் = Mother + Connective particle + took the role of.

Likewise, God helped another pregnant woman in Vadakuraṅkāduthuṛai.
3. The name of God in this holy temple is ŚrīDhayānithīsvara Swāmy. The name of the Goddess is ŚrīJadāmakudanāyaki. This temple has the honor of having been sung in a eulogy in Tēvāram as the 49th temple on Kāviri north riverside. His holy name is ŚrīDhayānithīsvarar indicting that all seekers receive his merciful  and good graces.

4. A pregnant girl of Chetty caste walking past the temple, overcome by thirst and heat exhaustion from the fierce sun, fainted.  God himself bent the coconut tree, appeared on the spot as a servant, offered coconut water, and slaked her thirst. The statue of this girl graces the south courtyard of the temple. It is noteworthy that the Sthalvirutsam (temple tree) here is the coconut palm tree. 
5. The coconut tree needs water only as a sapling. As a debt of gratitude, the coconut palm tree carries an enormous burden on its head and offers tender coconut water for the rest of its life. The coconut isessential and  unavoidable in temples, pūjasis, and food. From the palm frond to the fiber, all parts of the tree are useful, so some consider the tree as Kaṛpaka Virutsam (Celestial tree = Wish-tree) 
6. The coconut palm tree shines as a temple trei In Tirutheṅkūr and Vadakuraṅkāduthuṛai in Tamil Nadu. Vāli was a Vānara king in Ramayana. He regained his strength by worshipping the resident God of this temple. Deservedly, the Swamy goes by the name Śṛī Vālināthar. Since a bird brought water by its beak and worshipped the God. He gave the bird Darsan, and so God carries the name, Śrīcittu Liṅgēsvarar.
7. Going past the south-facing Rājagōpuram, Navagraha Sannidhi and ŚrīJatāmakuda Nāyaki’s Ambal Sannidhi are on the right side along with Rock-hewn Sivakāmi Samētha Natarajar statue. En route on the Prākāram (circumambulatory path) Ganapathy standing under a beautiful umbrella, Dakṣināmūrthy Sannidhi and a beautiful Jēṣtādēvi statue with flowering plants are the features. Behind the Garbhagraham, is an astounding statue of Ardhanarīsvarar.  
8. Above the Sanctum, the dome has graceful drawings of Vāli, a pregnant woman, and others. In the northern part of the walkway, Viṣṇu Durgai, with eight hands, offers grace to the devotees. Four-faced Brahma also offers grace. The first poem in Vadakuraṅgāduthurai section as follows.
கோங்கமே குரவமே கொழுமலர்ப் புன்னையே கொகுடிமுல்லை
வேங்கையே ஞாழலே விம்முபா திரிகளே விரவியெங்கும்
ஓங்குமா காவிரி வடகரை யடைகுரங் காடுதுறை
வீங்குநீர்ச் சடைமுடி யடிகளா ரிடமென விரும்பினாரே.
9. This poem says that Śiva desired to settle down here at Kuraṅgāduthurai holy shrine by the north side of Kāviri river where Koṅgu, Kuravam, flowering plants such as Puṉṉai, Kokudi, Mullai, Vēṅgai, Pulinagak Koṅṛai, and Pāthiri thrive and flourish.  

10. In this shrine, Īsaṉ decided to stay with eagerness and a benevolent intent to shower grace to those who seek his favor. Mainly theseekers and the  beneficiaries are the pregnant women who came for his Darsan at least once and with his grace delivered babies with no anomalies.
11. Īsaṉ was charitable like the coconut palm tree, which keeps on giving (without asking for anything in return). Īsaṉ, in the spirit of giving, restored Vali's  strength. Likewise, he confers to his devotees physical power, healthy body, and prosperous life, according to the temple Śivāchāriyār.
12. How to go? The Śrīdhyānithīsvarar temple is 5 km away from Kapisthalam on Kumbakonam-Thirvaiyāru highway.