Published:18 May 2020 8 PM Updated:18 May 2020 8 PM
Sakthi Vikatan
வேதம் ஓதிய பூனை!
இந்திரா செளந்தர்ராஜன்SHYAM SANKAR
Indira Saundarrajan & Shyam Sanjar

1. Bhōkar was a medicine man, a pilgrim, a Tapasvin, and an itinerant. He wore many hats.

2. Four cubits long ocher cloth, a pair of wooden shoes, five-metal water vessel (made of gold, silver, copper, iron, and tin), a sack of clothes over the shoulder: These are his possessions. Bhogar went wherever he wanted: by air, by water, and on a trail. Distance is no concern for him. Once, he took off on a journey and that is the beginning of our story.

3. He entered a town. Hunger and thirst overtook him. If he landed in a forest, herbs might have been his meal. He reached a residential area. He went searching for milk and fruits to appease his hunger and thirst. He came across a Vedist’s house. A humongous Yogam was taking place inside. Thinking his next meal was waiting there, he sat on the raised platform in the front porch.

4. Since he is a wanderer, he looked like a fakir. The Vediyars scowled at him. Not knowing his eminence, they asked him to leave. That provoked anger in Bohar.

5. Bohar: “You Vedists! Why are you ejecting me from here? I am one of you.” The high priests laughed.

6. The passel of priests ridiculed him saying, “You look like a fakir. How dare you declare you are one of us?”

7. Bohar said to them, “Don’t judge me by my slovenly appearance. I am no slouch. Let truth be told. There is no one among you equal to me.”

8. The Vedists retorted, “We are Vediyars. What happens here now is pure Mahāmṛtyuñjaya Homam. Do you have any clue as to what it is?”

9. Bohar: “Are you testing me?”

10. Vediyars: “No. Testing is something that happens when there is a doubt. We entertain no doubts about you. We wasted too much time speaking with you. Don’t hold us back and interfere with Homam. Vacate the premises ASAP.” Saying such irascible words, they left him. Anger took its assertive place on Bohar's face.

11. That moment a cat was heading towards the site of the Homam. Bohar scooped up the cat, applied pressure on its forehead, and transferred his power of Tapas into the cat with the immediate result being the cat began talking, saying, “O Munivarpran! My homage to you.”
Bohar said to the cat, “O cat! Am I not a Muni? Muni is one who does intense Tapas (austerity), determined to gain Varasiddhi. I am a Siddhan. I received all Siddhis by controlling my body, mind, and soul. Later, Bohar instructed the cat in its ear the Veda Mantras. At that moment, the reciting Vedhiyar had a hiccup and lost the continuity of recitation and memory of Mantras: He forgot the next passage and kept on repeating the passage beyond which he could not proceed. He hit himself on the head with his knuckles to refresh his memory.

12. Bohar, seeing the mental and memory block, laughed and looked at the passing cat. The cat enunciated the following appropriate passage. The Vediyars expressed surprise at the turn of events.

13. In the mean time, the metal vessels, used in the Homam, turned red from the fierce flames and changed into gold.

14. The agitated bunch of Vedhiyars  discussed among themselves whether this transformation was magic or the work of a Siddhar. In the meantime, the cat completed the recitation and darted out of there.  There was a palpable attitudinal change in the Vediyars.
Vedhiyars: “Ayyane! Who are you? Forgive us. We were put off and misguided by your appearance. “

15. Bohar: “Let that pass. What is the purpose of your Fire Sacrifice?”

16. Vedhiars: “There has been no rain. Severe drought because of it. We performed the Homam to appease and implore God’s grace."
Bohar: “While performing sacrificial fire, mental purity and humility are essential. Then only the Vedic Mantras spread throughout the Ether, causing vibrations and formation of dark rainclouds.”

17. The Vedhiyars: “It is true. We are now clear-headed. Please tell us about you.”

18. Bohar: “My name is Bohan, and I am a Siddhan.”

19. The Vedhiyars: “You are that Bohar Peruman that we heard. Now we see you in person. We have unlimited joy! By teaching Vedas to a kitten, you taught us a lesson.”
20. Bohar: “Vedas are God’s language. Vedic chanting is the duty of Vediyars. Selfishness has no place. Next, mispronunciation is a danger.”

21. The Vedhiyars: “We accept what you say. For the fire sacrifice to succeed, please stay with us and grant us, your grace.”
Bohar: “Stop worrying. Your sacrifice will be successful. I will eliminate your penury. The “I “ means my Siddha wisdom.” Bohar advised the congregation to bring all their vessels and implements and gather them before him. The passel of priests did not forget to bring even the garden implements.

22. Later, Bohar covered all of them with dry round cow dung patties and set them on fire. Because of intense heat, the vessels turned red. He sprinkled Ādhirasam herbal essence on the vessels. Bohar asked them to look at them when they are dry and cool. When they looked at them, they were all gold.

23. Bohar: “These will help conquer your poverty. Let your mind shine like gold.” Saying such comforting words, Bohar took leave of them. This event appears as a poem in the life of Bohar.

24. Rasavatha Secret!
Bohar described the preparation of Herbal Essence. The identity of the herbs, the preparation of the concoction, and the quality of used vessels are in his treatise.

25. Is Bohar from China?

26. Some declare he was Chinese; others oppose that theory strongly. His writings indicate he was a potter by trade. He had several Siddharas as his disciples. Bohar was the disciple of Agasthiyar, according to Abhithana Cintamani.
27. His compositions are aplenty: 12,000 Sabda Kandam, Nikandu 1,700, Bohar Vaidyam 1000 (therapeutics), Bohar Sarakku Vaippu, Bohar Jnana Sagaram, Bohar Karpam, Bohar Upadesam, Bohar Ranavakatam, Bohar Karpa Sutram, Bohar Ashtanga Yogam, Bohar Pujavidhi, and much more. Bohar 12,000 and Ranavakatam are missing. The virtuous people use other compositions.