Sakthi Vikatan November 12, 2013

The Great Human Power or potency

Author: Dr. Sevaratna T.S. Narayanaswamy

  Does an individual’s intellectual ability increase because of his knowledge of the stories in Puranas and Itihāsas?  Do his problems resolve?

Hindu Dharma brands the unfortunate man as a past-life sinner and lauds the epicure as a paste-life man of merit. If they were the fate of an individual, why should one practice religion? Why worship? Why put in an effort?

People preach impracticable paths, incompatible with today’s lifestyles.  Instead of advocating the precept ‘Tell the Truth,’ can it be said with certainty that telling the truth in today’s world will advance one’s carrier goals?

What is the path for the great humanity to retain its power, grow and prosper? Would prayer resolve the difficulties?  Will spiritual growth help one attain prosperity in the daily life?  Can our natal religion and Dharma find solutions to the present day’s problems?

Does hard work lead to aspirational lofty goals?  Don’t we need salary commensurate with work?  Job descrption commensurate with ability, amenities according to education, enjoyment of life, performance of duty, living a life of Virtue, Prosperity, and happiness, and pursuing a life of fame: Does Hindu Dharma explicate attainment of these goals?

Straightforwardness in the present world teeters. Virtuous conduct vacillates. Many people with injustice, irregularity, tainted conduct… hold highest offices. Virtuous conduct and discipline can make a good man, though all virtuous men do not always succeed in life.  Does Hindu religion point the path of success to the virtuous?

‘I am a woman. I am devotional and virtuous, though I did not earn my spouse’s love. I am subject to the cruelties of the groom’s household. I never even prayed for resolving my problems.  Is there any way to put up an oppositional fight and accomplish my goals and aspirations? Pointing to the Hindu Dharma’s precepts, it imposes ‘inordinate forbearance in the face of intolerable difficulties.’ Please don’t exemplify the lives and stories of Savitri, Chandramathi… and placate me and promise ‘a change to good times and resolution of difficulties.’ ‘Show me a practicable way out of this quagmire.’

These are the challenges facing the Hindu Dharma over eons. If proper answers were not forthcoming, no advocacy of Hindu Dharma can be forced on the Hindus themselves in the modern times. This series attempts to find answers to these vexing questions.

Every person has a great hidden human Sakthi (power and potential): Like the tree living in the seed! Is it not a self-evident truth: The seed sprouts to become a sapling and a tree, flourishing with abundant flowers and fruits which benefit living beings? Likewise, the human power should benefit oneself and others.

Whatever happened before, let it be. What happens henceforth should be salubrious: These are the protective tenets of the faithful humanity yearning for success. Everyone should realize the potential of his or her great hidden power under the aegis of the Sāstraic secrets of Hindu Dharma, transform those tenets into deeds and devise ways to attain success in life. This series reflect that vision.

- See the tree grow

The frogs in the milk pots!   Frog: Coloring by Krishnaraj

The dairy farm workers were busy filling the milk cans. The two frisky frogs, frolicking in the nearby stagnant pool jumped too high and landed inside the milk cans. The dairy hands did not notice them, closed and sealed the cans. The journey of the frolicsome frogs began.

The first frog realizing its predicament attempted to escape. Since it jumped high, it hit the lid of the can and died of head injury.

The second frog desiring to escape, jumped up gingerly. Hitting the lid, it developed a headache. Realizing this was not how to escape, it devised an escape plan. Knowing its strength and its innate ability to swim and float, it swam in the milk. From the swimming and churning with the rapid webbed feet, it churned the milk and created a small butterball which grew. Soon the butterball was big enough for the frog to sit on the floating butterball and recoup its strength. The dairy farm workers unsealed and opened the lid. Sooner than later, the frog jumped out in one big leap and escaped alive.

When the hidden unspent power inside us with or without our knowledge finds expression, success takes off on its wings.