Negative thoughts.

Sēvāratṉā Doctor T.S. Narayanaswamy. Images: Aras

We are body, mind, intellect and Ātmā; mind and intellect in collaboration guide life. That collaborative healing power dives deep in psyche, when a person entertains negative thoughts with mental confusion and or suffers daily struggle with his problems. When that healing power surfaces, we can find solution to the problems. There is only one way and that is to remove all negative thoughts.

Dangerous Imaginations!

Negative thoughts cause confusion to a person who imagines he has problems that do not exist in real life. Mother’s anxiety is beyond description, when the child does not return home at the expected hour. Could there have been an accident while crossing the street? Could he be in the hospital because of an injury? Could someone have abducted him?  Such negative thoughts run amuck inside her mind.

The mind had throbbing anxiety. The body sweated. The blood pressure rose high. She made phone calls to multiple contacts. She called her husband and made him tremble with anxiety.  Half-hour later, her son came home, laughing.  He said that on his way he watched a cricket match.

When these dangerous imaginations are accompanied by fear, the wonderful power goes deeper into the psyche. We are leaving home for a destination. What is the purpose of this journey? What should we carry? What time should we leave home? Is the passenger car in good condition? These thoughts are all justified.

But, the negative thoughts under the circumstance are worrying about accidents on the way and fear of arguments at the host’s house. The great hidden Sakthi becomes the dying ash-laden embers. Only when you remove the ash by blowing repeatedly, the power of fire will manifest. Better still is not to allow negative thoughts in us.

The Tyranny of Disease

Negative thoughts pop up usually during illness. These days, most people are familiar with medical sciences. When they have a minor cold or fever, they entertain negative thoughts. They fear whether it was malaria, dengue or chikungunya…The acquaintances offer negative opinions and increase the fear.

Good doctors do not induce fear in patients and cure them with reassuring words. The doctor’s kind words give confidence to patients, which help manifest the erstwhile hidden power in the patient and get them on the way to health. When afflicted with illness, we should remain cautious but not panicky.

We call the physically impaired differently abled. We see many of them have useful abilities and lead productive lives. We have an important lesson to learn from them. That is, not to give in to negative thoughts. Positive thoughts improve our life.

Subconscious Power!

The scientists performed more than a thousand experiments with the human brain, discovered the interaction between mind, intellect and soul and the performance power from their interaction. From their research, the discovered benefits are listed here.

1.     The wonderful power of the deep mind dispels the restrictions, and enhances intellect, performance, and physical health.

2.     It increases constructive thinking.

3.     It helps us devise ways to attain our objectives easily.

4.     It creates the power to overcome hurdles.

5.     It increases enthusiasm, mental strength, and self-confidence.

6.     It engenders spiritual search.

7.     It gives the clarity of vision towards victory.

The tree grows.

With love we can conquer a tiger!

Guru and his disciple were walking along a forest path. Suddenly, they heard the tiger nearby. The disciple trembled in fear and said piteously, “Guru, can we make a run?”

Guru: Yes, we can run. The tiger won’t give up chasing us. We don’t have weapons to fight back.  Let us maintain silence, supplicate to God, keep our eyes closed and do Dhyana. We don’t know God’s will. Just be patient for a while.”  Guru brought his mind to a focus and performed Dhyana. The tiger disappeared going away from them.

Disciple: “O Guru, How wonderful! You chased the tiger.”

Guru: “I did not do anything great. I expelled the negative thoughts form my mind and brought out the deep power of the mind to the surface. That power brought tranquillity in the tiger and it left our presence. If the mind and intelligence concentrate and when peace and tranquillity prevail, that peace when externalized brings peace and tranquillity to all around us.