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Variar Inspirational Quotes

Krupanantha Variar's Inspirational Quotes for Higher Human Values.

Sakti Vikatan

In the good land of Tamil speakers, Krupanantha Variar is an ardent and well-known devotee of Murugan. He is a multi-faceted exponent of Tamil devotional literature, story teller… Wherever he went, the words spoken by him to the simple people are unambiguous and easy to understand, bound to remove ignorance and meant to strengthen path of virtue. His golden spiritual words of wisdom lay stress on increasing self-confidence in the most difficult circumstances.  Here is something for your look-see.

 We can understand and appreciate the light from an earthen lamp, only when we are in the dark.  Likewise, we realize mother’s ways of raising (and sustaining) us, only when she is no more. Therefore, always extol motherhood.

Don’t be joyous when others praise you; likewise, don’t entertain mental anguish when others defame you.

Desire has the quality of destroying a person. Opposed to it, the love we show to others makes them thrive (and prosper). Therefore, you must strive to have a quality to make people thrive.  Nonessential desires beget misery and not goodness.

Learn to accommodate to unhappy incidents on the days of joyous and prosperous living. The reason is in the nature of things every man experiences ups and downs alternately in his life.  Prepare oneself for all circumstances. (Be a man of all seasons.)

We can teach and train the uninitiated (unknowing).  We can explicate, clarify and teach the minutiae to the knower.  The ignoramus unable to discriminate between the good and the bad, not even god can reform.

Family is like the green living tree.  The wife is the root, husband the main trunk, the children the leaves and flowers, and the sweet fruits the virtuous deeds.  As the tree offers usefulness to a multitude of living beings, the tree of a family should offer benefits to others.

The butter fat in the milk is not easily visible to our eyes.  In like manner, by true devotion only, we can realize the power (and benevolence) of god.

Where there is burning fire, there is smoke.  We can make things hot with fire.  Other benefits (from fire) are available. There is no one benefit from the smoke.

The seeds sown in the field yield returns by several thousand seedlings.  Likewise, one’s good and bad deeds according to their merits increase many times and return to the doer.

Some talk idly, some talk with no notion or object: that talk has no rhyme or reason.  That yields no benefits. As much as possible, maintain silence.

If verdigris is stuck on the copper vessels in daily use, we should scrub, clean, and remove it for further use.  If it is paddy, we should remove the chaff and cook the rice.  Likewise, we as people should remove the pernicious tendencies and qualities, contemplate on the good and live so.

Birds have two sets of feathers, the train two rails, and man two legs and two eyes; pupils should certainly have two qualities: self-control and Guru Bhakti (devotion to Guru). Students with these two qualities only will advance.

A lighted torch, though held upside down, will burn looking up; likewise, no one can put down the upright person.

It is good and healthful to have a restful sleep in the night.  If not, read sacred texts that take you to a higher spiritual state. That will take us down the spiritual path.
Don’t analyze other people’s shortcomings. We should not cover up our faults.

Humility is life-pulse in human existence and elevates us to a higher state of humanity.