Madurai Project. Article in Tamil
Translation: Veeraswamy Krishnaraj
1. Viveka Sastry, with his wife and his three sons, lived in Vedaranyam and had enough cultivable lands to live comfortably.

2. The three sons married and had children of their own, which resulted in a large extended family. Viveka Sastry had a problem managing his extended family with meager means.

3. Viveka Sastry educated his children in three disciplines: Vedanta Sastra, Vyakarana, and Tharga Sastra (Vēdānta philosophy, Sanskrit grammar, and logic. With passing time, these studies were not helpful to provide a living. Because they were averse to begging, they went hungry.

4. Viveka Sastry determined they could not survive with their meager means for more than a year and addressed the members of the family. 'Come, people. Listen carefully to what I am about to say. I believe I will not live beyond one year. It happens I will not be leaving sufficient riches to you. I failed to provide you worldly education to sustain yourselves. You have great difficulties to support your families. As time goes by, the problems will become worse. I feel anxious as to how you will bear the increased burden. I will narrate enough worldly stories for your understanding of this world and its ways, before I shuffle off my mortal body. You all come to me once the evening light is lit. I will tell you enough stories, which will help you survive in this world. 

5. The sons agreed to do so every evening. The first of the three sons is Vasudevan, the second Kalidasan, and the third Anjaneyan.

First Section: knowing the utility

7. That evening, the sons, after their evening worship, paid homage to their father and asked him eagerly to tell them the story.
Viveka Sastry looked at them in their eyes and said to recall to their minds their Family Deity Kāsi Visālākṣi.The three sons closed their eyes and meditated on their family Deity for a short time.  

8. The father told them about the forthcoming stories. ''Listen, my sons. Before you begin a task, you must know its value and utility. You must know whether you need to do it. If a person engages in a useless activity, it is like a donkey having a problem learning music. The sons: ''How is it?''

9. Because of a lack of demand for their knowledge, their education was not helpful to earn a living. Because they were unwilling to beg, they went by living on a starvation diet. 

10. One day Viveka Sastry felt his pulse and, knowing he had a short life ahead of him, told his sons, ''Come, my sons! Hear me carefully. My life will depart me in a year. I am leaving meager wealth to you. I failed to provide you career-oriented education. You are bogged down with family responsibilities. I am fearful to think of the burden you will bear. Anyway, I will narrate to you stories about the world's ways. After my departure, they will be helpful to you.