·       Sakthi Vikatan 10 Dec, 2013





A great Human Sakthi


Dr. T.S. Narayanaswamy.  Pictures by Arus


In today’s world, evil instead of causing rebound evil to the doer, rewards the evil doer all that is beneficial. Millions of farmers having planted millet seeds face crop failure.  Others having sown evil deeds have reaped easy and luxurious life. What causes these anomalies?

The prevailing platitudes are Truth wins and Dharma succeeds.  Truth produced both winners and losers. Why is it so? Is Truth strong or week? Or, is it the fruit of the past-life merit or demerit?

Such questions make rounds in our mind and midst. To find answers, the Hindu religion is made the Edifice of Experiments (critical evaluation) under the aegis of the principles in Vedas and Upanishads serving as resource material; our analytical skills and wisdom are the powerful tools for such bold experiment as proposed in the past issue.  

The proposed experimental model consists of four important areas of interest: Body, mind, intellect and soul.  To measure man’s power and potential, these four divisions become the subjects of study. Āṉmā (soul) is the prime mover of the body, intellect, mind and thoughts, consciousness and the kaleidoscope of emotions.


Man is three-faced or three-dimensional: 1) What you think you are? 2) What others think you are?  3) What you truly are?

What you think of yourself is one dimension. What others think of you is the second dimension. What you really are in truth is the third dimension.

Only after these three dimensions are analyzed, compared, contrasted and unified, we come to know the subject’s true standing, power and potential. The four divisions are subjects of analytical study on individual, collective, comparative, correlative and global basis.

To know an engine in a scientific manner, it is common to study it in two parts: Structure and function. It is to know the engine parts in its knocked-down condition.  Later, we find out the function of the engine parts individually, in collaboration with other parts and as its global performance. This gives us the complete knowledge about the engine.

Pursuing that model, it becomes imperative to find out the make-up and function of the individual entities: Body, mind, intellect and Āṉmā.  Discovering and realizing the hidden, auspicious and lofty powers in them, it is a given that man manifests fearless bravery. He understands that life is for living.

If God thought and ordained that man can live without challenges, problems and struggles, humanity would have faced no opposing powers with resultant deleterious handicap, stagnation and a life of mere existence.



The tree will grow.

Butterfly’s struggle

     A man enjoying nature, saw the butterfly Chrysalis hanging from a twig in the tree.

He noticed a crack in the cocoon. He saw a butterfly struggling to emerge from the cocoon, which lasted a few hours. That man with (misplaced) compassion enlarged the opening in the cocoon and helped the butterfly emerge from the cocoon.     Butterfly:

In a matter of a few seconds, the butterfly emerged from the cocoon. Its body was big and its wings were still folded. It fell on the floor and tried to move. He waited hoping the butterfly will fly away. But, it did not fly off. It moved on the floor without the wings spread out for a flight.

The butterfly developing in the cocoon breaks through the wall of the cocoon to emerge on its own endeavour. Once it is out of the cocoon, it rests for a while and then pumps its blood into the wings, supplying the needed nutrients. This is the natural order as laid out by God for the butterfly. Man did not realize that the butterfly undergoes growth, metamorphosis, and struggles emerging from the cocoon for its freedom… (The butterfly does not need man's intervention and help in the natural order of things.)