Sakthi Vikatan Posted Date: October 23, 2018
திருவருள் செல்வர்கள்! - 14 -ஸ்ரீவிஜயீந்திரர்
Divine Grace Staretsy – 14 - Srīvijayīnthirar
Author: Wordsmith with Golden Tongue: P.N. Parasuraman
Photos: M. Aravindh

   ம.அரவிந்த்    M.Aravindh with the camera.

Mahājñāṉi SrīSwāmigaḷ came to manage all the temples in Kumbhakoṇam. In the Sārṅgapāṇi Temple, he presided over a quorum of priests, officials, and the town’s VIPs. The temple’s festival arrangements were on the agenda. The consultations and discussions were in progress. 1
Those days the Srīswamigaḷ’s fame was spread in all eight directions. Knowing this, the Kerala astrologer Prapañchasarmā in a spirit of competition with Srīswāmigaḷ entered the assembly hall. 2
He is no ordinary astrologer. He distinguished himself as the resident Pandit in many kingdoms. It dawned on him to compete that day with Srīswāmigaḷ in astrology. Srīswāmigaḷ accepted his opponent’s challenge. 3
It was mandatory to submit in writing at that moment about the pending events of that day or the next day. Next day evening, the predictions would be examined for veracity. That was the competition. 4
Abiding by the rules of the match, Srīswāmigaḷ and the astrologer wrote their forecasts of the happenings of the next day. The monitors bagged the written predictions of the two competitors in two separate bags, tied and sealed them securely. A responsible person took charge of the bags. 5
Next morning! Tañjai king Sivappa Nāyakar came with his two heirs and offered his homage to Srīswāmigaḷ. The king addressed Swāmigaḷ, saying, “Maha Swamy! Your blessings made it possible for the birth of my son, who wants to gift a village to you.” The king handed over the legal papers for the gift and the auspicious accouterments and presented them before the Swāmigaḷ. 6

Touching the gifts with his holy hands, Swāmigaḷ offered his blessings to the king and his heirs. 7
The worship completed, the water Prasadam was offered and the evening assembly was called into order. The king and his relatives sat in front of the assembly. The astrologer was present in the assembly. The assembled people were excited and waiting expectantly to know the result of the competition. The office bearers brought the sealed bags before the assembly. The palm leaves were taken out of the bags. 8
According to the promise of Swāmigaḷ, the astrologer’s palm leaves were read first. The writing was as follows, “Next morning, the king will offer gifts.” The assembled people extended their heartfelt accolades to the astrologer. 9
Next, Srīswamigaḷ’s palm leaf was read. It noted, “Next morning before the worship, the Tañjai king will appear with his heirs as a threesome. The king will donate the village, ‘Aravalli Maṅgalam’ with the legal papers of ownership to Swāmigaḷ. The moment my palm leaves were read, a village friend of astrologer will report and share the news of the birth of the astrologer’s son in his village.”
As everyone was in a state of shock and wonder, a Vedic scholar came inside and paid homage to everyone. He informed the assembly the birth of a son for the astrologer. The assembly was stunned at the turn of events and predictions. 10

Srīswāmigaḷ, noticing the drooping lackluster face of the astrologer, brought him close, gave him a plethora of rewards, and made him proud before sending him off. Do you know who that Srīswāmigaḷ was, who never found fault with anyone even by thought? 12
Srīvijayīnthirar Swāmigaḷ was he. 13
There was a Mantra-meister in Thiruvananthapuram who rattled a multitude of people. Hearing his name induced fear in the audience. 14
With a reputation like this, Srīvijayīnthirar visited Thiruvananthapuram. Knowing his arrival, the Mantra-meister came in search of Srīswāmigaḷ and challenged him saying, “Could you compete with me in Mantra Vidyai?” Knowing him, the assembled devotees were in an uproar. But Srīswāmigaḷ said in a composed manner, “we will have it next day evening.” 15
The news discomposed the Thiruvananthapuram officials, who came running and feared whether Mahāṉ would suffer danger or humiliation because of the Mantravāthi. 16
Srīswāmigaḷ calmed them down and reassured them, “Have no fear. No danger will come my way. Outside my quarters, make arrangements for a platform with seats all around so people can enjoy the spectacle. I will make an entry at the right moment.” 17
The officials arranged the event as requested. Next day evening the officials and the general public assembled. 18
The Mantravāthi came there that evening. He had a large round sandalwood paste application on his forehead, three-quarters of which was covered with blood-red kumkum. Around his neck, he wore a garland of red flowers. He had red silk wrapped around his waist. His eyes were piercing and red.
Divine Grace will flourish.
Wordsmith with Golden Tongue: P.N. Parasuraman
Drawings and images: M. Aravindh
RGB: 153-153-255